Why Are You Here Today?

Why Are You Here Today?

I came across an article the other day that stuck with me. It asked… Why Are You Here Today? Don’t worry, I’m not getting all sappy on you. The question was in relation to the gym. Why are you working out today? Everyone has different “whys” that get them to the gym and I think it’s good for all of us to remember that everyone’s reason is different. Check out this list:

  • To Train: Lift heavy. Push the cardio. Challenge yourself. Forget the clock. Get better.
  • To Practice: Focus on form and technique. No compromises. No clock, no PR’s. Move well. Repeat.
  • To Test: Go for the PR! All in. Give everything. Watch the clock. Increase the weight. Measure improvement.
  • To De-Stress: Move. Breathe. Focus. Challenge yourself but nothing overwhelming. Forget results.
  • To Socialize: These people are awesome. Feed off their energy. Refuel yourself. Laugh. Have fun.
  • To Get Started: Welcome. You made it. You belong here. Let’s do this.

I’m the socializer during class… I like to chit chat and to banter. I also like to train and to test. This combination keeps me coming to the gym. Contrary to popular belief, I do not care what my number is on the board. Honestly, there are days where I don’t even take the top numbers on the board seriously. That’s right… I said it 😱  Personally, I can’t compete every day. My body can’t handle it.

Are you reading this thinking you are constantly the tester? Going for a PR every time? Maybe you need to take a few classes to practice. Or those of you that are constantly exercising to de-stress? Maybe you try to train once or twice. Really push yourself and see how your body reacts.

Never assume everyone else in the class has the same goal as you do. Focus on yourself, have fun and enjoy class!

~Mother Plucker

Part A. Deadlift

Part B. AMRAP 3 min for 6 rounds

3 Deadlifts
6 T2B
9 Box Jump Over
12 DB Hang Clean and Jerk
15 Cal Row

-Rest 1 min between rounds-