Why Do You Challenge Yourself?

On the eve of our upcoming ALL IN Challenge it got me thinking about why we challenge ourselves.

I write a lot of why you should but today I want write about and hear from all of you on why you WANT to challenge yourself.

Since I was 12 years old I have been fascinated with ultra successful athletes, celebrities, artists, business leaders and entrepreneurs. I love to learn about what makes them tick and how they continue to evolve and develop themselves to excellence and until recently I have not really understood why.

Earlier this month Annie and I were watching the Academy Awards and towards the end of the show Matthew McConaughey was making his acceptance speech (video below) and said something that hit me like a tons of bricks on why I love to challenge myself.

He said when he was 15 years old someone asked him who his hero was and after he thought about it, he realized it was his future self in 10 years. Ten years later that same person asked him if he was his own hero yet and said, “Not even close! Ask me again when I’m 35.”  The point he was making was everyday, every week, every year he is in constant pursuit of his best self.

I challenge myself because of my potential. I understand I will never be perfect but it’s the fact that I have the opportunity to chase my potential is what drives me. The up’s and the down’s of the journey are satisfying and fulfilling for me. I get fired up about the skills that I learn, the people I encourage and pushing me to my mental, physical and emotional limits is why I challenge myself.

ALL IN Participants… Please write in the comments why you challenge yourselves!

*Important reminders*
-ALL IN Challenge 1st meeting tonight (Monday). Officially starts Tuesday, April 1st.
-No Yoga Tuesday at 530am. But there is a 530pm Yoga Class. It is updated on the class schedule.

The O-Board Says…

5 Sets for Reps;
3 Minute rounds of:
3 Deadlifts
6 Hang Cleans
9 Toe to Bar
*Rest 1 min between Sets

Post by Chris.