Why Compete???

The CrossFit Games season is officially here and starts tonight at 5pm PST. As the sport of Fitness continues to grow and gain more popularity this time of year will become more and more competitive.

So why would you want to compete?

To keep improving. I know that I’m way better than I would’ve been had I not done the Open last year, which is why I feel everyone should try it. Participating will also force you to meet people from other classes you wouldn’t otherwise meet. You learn to push each other, it’s healthy competition. We have a strong gym and I know that we’re capable of sending individuals and a competitive team to Regionals. Along with that, I want to be consistent. I know I’ll do well in heavy lifting, but I also want to consistently perform well in the bodyweight and skilled workouts. I just want to be better than expected.

It will bring out the best in you. 
It will bring the best out of you, or it will stare you straight in the face and tell you where you want to be because you’re not there yet. 
Competition is a good ole’ slap of reality in it’s truest form. You will do more, work harder, push further whether you want to or not. You will think about what you are doing more, you will focus on what it takes to make you better more. 

It’s Bigger Than You…

You are going to be apart of a worldwide event. Last year there was about 30,000 athletes who competed in the sectionals. You can rest assure that is going to be a much bigger number this year!

I’m Scurred

Myths about competition

Truths about competition