Why do I Workout? #mrCPM

Why do I Workout? #mrCPM

A question I ask others all the time. I’ll give you the answers from me that I am always looking for in others. And its not the usual to lose weight, get stronger, feel better answers. And trust me that is all well and good but the reality of it those are the benefits we receive not the actual reasons why do it.

#backStory At the core of who I am is a skinny 16 year old sophomore. I would slouch when I stood around others who were shorter than I was just to fit in. Basketball⛹🏽‍♂️(my first love) got me started lifting weights the feeling I felt and results I received lite my fire🔥 to pursing this passion I live today.

#normalGoals Like anyone I workout to look good, feel good and perform better in the everyday functions of life. And I think all of it are awesome reasons to get started. But really we are just scratching the surface to what we can achieve in life with a sustainable FITness lifestyle💪🏼

#gettingReal Ultimately when I do something uncomfortable push myself or accomplish something I don’t want to do in the moment I’m proud of myself. I feel accomplished and build self-confidence. The more I get out of my comfort zone the better I feel about the rest of my day. And the by-product is everything we ‘sell’ you on how being FIT.

#gymBuddies I wouldn’t (and don’t) do the group workouts we do CPMFITness by myself. I do them with the group because I love to bond with compete 🥇with share in the joys, pains, fun🎉 and sense of accomplishments with like minded friends.

#fightingAgainst Sometimes knowing what we don’t want is just as important as knowing what we do want. I’ve always had this athletic spirit in me and I would always tell myself I would never lose it. I want to live as long as I can as good as I can. Now that Dad Life is soon approaching. I have that arch nemesis called the Dad Bod😂. I’ve fought👊🏼 really hard to help others win with their FITness as they age now as the reality of aging is happening to me I’ve got to take my own advice I been preaching🎙


A. 3 Rounds: 1 minute on; 1 min off
Leg Levers to Lift

B. AMRAP 25min
20 Box Jumps
300m Farmer Carry
40 SDLHP (kb)
50 Double Unders (UB)

Post by Chris; follow me on instagram @mr.cpm