Why Not “Paleo” It?

We all have tons of recipes at our disposal, what would make you not want to keep going?

There are Paleo websites my personal cookbook “Cooking Fit”, and utilizing your coaches here at CPMFITness.

With Valentines Day coming up it is very easy to lose site of your goals by big bright pink and red candy coloring. But what if you could not only have delicious treats and meals but they will actually taste better than the other stuff!

When I first found out I had Celiac’s disease in 2002 there was almost nothing out there for me to follow. Even when we owned our first gym in 2009 there was not a lot to grab from on the bookshelf or internet. Now I feel you can “paleo” almost anything.

My goal as a coach and nutrition counselor is to make you feel like you are not on a diet and incorporating good delicious foods that are good and delicious for you on the inside too.

Whenever I created these “Paleo” versions they are always the first ones eaten a parties, the first dish gone at holiday gatherings, and the most complimented in general.

Chris and I said to each other “I don’t know why anyone would want to eat any other way?”

Most of you that participated in the CPM 360 Nutrition Challenge said the same comments, “The food was delicious and I didn’t have that full sickly feeling when I was done eating”.

So why would you want to feel bad after eating something unhealthy, when you can eat something that tastes just as good and feel GREAT?

So CPM’ers this is your chance … In the comments below post your favorite non-paleo meal and I will “paleo” it for you, or at least find the healthiest alternative.  Just because there’s no challenge doesn’t mean we have to go back to our old habits!!!

We are all here for each other, and there is no better feeling than having a whole gym that supports you and is here to help!

The O-Board Says…

A. Five sets of:
Floor press (lying down) x 8-10 reps
Rest 20 seconds
wall climbs 4-6 reps
Rest 30 seconds
30 – 45 seconds of hollow rocks.

B. For time:
Run a mile

Posted by: Annie