Why Successful People Are Successful

Why Successful People Are Successful

There is a reason people at the top, are at the top! It didn’t just happen over night. They were not rubbing a genie out of a bottle, nor where they just “blessed”. They have created habits in their daily lives that have paved the way for their success.

We can all be successful, we can all be anything we want to in life. We just have to create habits each day that create an environment for success.

Here are 10 tips for success:

1. They Put Their Health First – Being active (especially in the morning) is a great way to get your endorphins released, the brain and the body moving, and get your day off to a fabulous start.

2. They Don’t want to be perfect – If we waste time trying to be perfect at everything we will lose site on opportunity. Instead, move forward and even if you make a mistake it might help steer you in the right direction. Forward movement = one step closer to your goal.

3. They know when to say no – Time is Valuable, especially your time! Saying yes is easy saying no is difficult but effective. When you say the magic word “no” it creates more time and opportunity for you to fulfill you purpose and your goals and unload clutter.

4. They go with their gut – Trust your instincts! If you don’t feel comfortable with a decision don’t do it. If you have an idea that everyone else says is crazy go with it! I heard a great phrase recently “The crazier people believe I am the more I know I am on the right path”.

5. They know how much their worth – Do you know that saying “time is valuable”? Well it is, and if you don’t know what your time is worth how are you ever supposed to get to your goals? Its easy just work backwards if you make a $100,000 divide by 50 weeks and then divide by 40 hours = $50 per hour. Once you put value to your time it also makes #4 a lot easier.

6. They focus on their strengths not weaknesses – Why would you choose to focus on what you are not good at? Instead, hire people who are passionate about the roles that you don’t want to play, so that you can focus on your strengths and accomplish worthwhile activities.

7. They embrace failure and learn from it – Have you heard the phrase “Failure is the opportunity to reach our greatest success”. Here is a list of famous failures Read the article and embrace failure, don’t fear it.

8. They are avid learners – Be addicted to growth the more we are a student of the game the more learn from life, experiences, and other people. We can always learn and grow, no matter our age, background, or current position!

9. They know how and whom to delegate to – This is one I struggle with greatly and I am currently really working on. The more that we delegate tasks the more we allow for the people around us to step up to the plate and fulfill their goals and passions as well. We also create more time for what will truly make you successful.

Recently I heard a week of Pastor Joel Osteen’s schedule. Joel realized he needed to delegate and the most important task for him was his sunday sermons. He then worked backwards and began to delegate all tasks that would not help him facilitate his #1 priority. This was eye-opening to me and a very simple and very effective way to create success for you and your employees.

10. They are grateful for today and know what the future holds – The great John Maxwell once said in order to move forward you have to embrace the place you are in today. It is great to have focus on the future, but if you don’t live in the “now” and live in regret of yesterday or anticipation of tomorrow, you miss the many joys and opportunities of today.

Make these tips daily rituals and see all the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead for you!

The O-Board Says…
A. Partner Bear in 15min
P1; does Odd
P2; does Even

B. Parters Workout

Min 0 – 5
P1; 100m Run
P2; MAX KB Snatch (alt)

Min 5-10
P1; 200m Run
P2; MAX KB Swing

Min 10-15
P1; 300m Run
P2; MAX Goblet Squat

Posted by: Annie