Why Sugar Is Like Poison To Your Body …..

Some say that sugar can be more addicting or just as addicting as cocaine and heroin. There is a definite reason that the more sugar you consume the more your body says “More, more, more” ….

When I teach my clients about “healthy” sugars and eating 1 -2 servings of fruit per day, loading up on healthy fats (i.e. coconut oil, avocado, coconut, raw nuts etc), eating good proteins, and healthy carbohydrates (vegetables, squash’s, sweet potatoes) your body begins to crave the good stuff and be less enthused about the bad.

Now your taste buds are much more sensitive to sweets. For example an apple may be too much sugar to eat the whole thing, or you can have a small bite of something and that is plenty.

If we train our body to eat the foods that nourish it, we are going to feel satisfied and not be on the sugar rollercoaster that will end up in a crash and burn situation.

Here is a great article in regards to the dangers of sugar.

We all know that the effects are harmful, but take a few minutes to educate yourself and what it is really doing to your overall health and wellness.

You may think twice the next time you reach for the bright-colored wrapper and reach for the bright yellow banana instead.

The O-Board Says…

400 run
10 clean and jerks


500 row
10 Power Snatch

Posted by: Annie