Why TGU’s?

Why TGU’s?

If you are looking ahead you have probably seen that Turkish Get-ups (TGU) are on the menu to end the week. This is becoming one of my favorite exercises.  Why? It’s the one single movement that targets every inch of your body.

The Turkish Get-up incorporates all kinds of ankle, knee and hip movements as well as shoulder stabilization. It’s a great way for anyone to learn how to connect his or her whole body while maintaining a strong core to complete the task.

TGUs can be used in a variety of ways: an identifier for weak/tight muscles, a warm-up for your entire body and/or a strength exercise to help the body become more confident in handling loads overhead.

Get-ups can be done with a heavy load but it is not necessary. I am all about great quality movement rather than the weight of the kettlebell used in the exercise. I encourage you not to pick up a KB before you are comfortable with the movement itself.

Listen to your body. Are you feeling good? Go for it but don’t jeopardize technique. Are you feeling beat up? Maybe take it a little easier or go lighter on weight. The worse thing you can do is work through pain!!

I came across a great article that summarized the benefits of the TGUs that apply to life in general. Click Here

  • You’ll need to be flexible and work on your weaknesses
  • You’ll learn to set up for the next step, instead of just staying put
  • The more resistance you encounter, the stronger you’ll get
  • Consistency and discipline always pay off
  • Training is life

This movement will humble anyone. Strive to do it with great form, take your time learning it and the benefits will pay off in other activities/sports and in real life as well.


3 Power Snatch

B: 3-Rounds For Time:
– 100 Doubles
– 500m Row
– 5 Power Snatch

Posted by: Nicole