Why the WHY???

‘Why’ do I YELL?? Bcuz I like too:-)

I read a stat the other day that said 88% of people that make New Year’s Resolution’s FAIL within 90 days of making it after the New Year.

Why do you think that is??? I will give you a hint, it’s the “Why”.

I’ve written about the importance of GOALS, the structure of how to set up your GOALS and even why your GOALS don’t work.

Every time I meet with a client and I ask them about their GOALS and they give me the ole’ “I want to get healthier”, or “I want to get in better shape”, all I hear is blah, blah, blah… Look, if you are not going to take your goals seriously then when things get HARD and life get TOUGH you just won’t have it in you to finish what you started.

Here is an AWESOME story to help you understand why the ‘WHY’ in your goals are so important:

If I put a 10-inch wide, 30-foot-long plank on the ground and say, “If you walk the length of the plank, I’ll give you $20,” would you do it? Of course, it’s an easy $20. But what if I took that same plank and made a rooftop “bridge” between two tall building? For the same $20, would you walk across that sky-high plank? Probably NOT!

However, what if your child (mother/father/brother/sister) was on the opposite building, and that building was on FIRE and the flames were licking at his/her neck. If you didn’t go across he/she would certainly perish. Would you walk across that plank to save them? Likely, you answer would be, “Absolutely and immediately!”

Why is it that the first time I asked you to cross that sky-high plank, you said no way, yet, the second time you wouldn’t hesitate? The risks and the dangers are the same. What changed? Your ‘why’ changed–your reason for wanting to do it. You see, when the reason is big enough, you will be willing to perform almost anything. 

It’s not your willpower that stops you from accomplishing your goals, it’s your ‘Why Power’. Life will knock you down.

You get busy.
You don’t have enough time.
Others are always going to need you.

It doesn’t matter the circumstances. All that matters is you, your WHY, your plan, and your execution.

If your “Why Power” — your desire — isn’t great enough and the fortitude of your commitment isn’t powerful enough, then you’ll end up like every other person who makes a New Year’s resolution and gives up too quickly and reverts to living a life that they have always been used to living.

You can make your new self overpower your old self… Find your ‘WHY’ and the rest will take care of itself.

New rule: Every time you set a goal, make 3 reason’s why you want that goal to happen.


Inspired by Darren Hardy