Why Wait??

This past weekend I had the privilege of moving back into my house in Sioux Falls South Dakota. In some ways it felt like I had never left and in other ways it felt like I was moving in for the first time all over again.

As I was doing the various projects needed to be accomplished since living there two plus years ago I thought about why it was I moved in the first place?

I was happy enough before wasn’t I?

My whole life I have always wanted to live each moment as if there was no tomorrow! As I was unpacking, painting, and working on the opening of the gym… I began to question why it as as humans we tend to wait for monumental things to happen before we make a change. For example why do people wait for Easter and Christmas to attend church? People surpass every Sunday morning throughout their 365 day year and make two exceptions? So if you go for those two days why can’t you commit to other Sunday mornings?

Or when you go to the gym in January, all the machines are gone, classes are full, and there is barely room to breath until March and then its back to the same old routine….


Why do we wait for so many events in life to be “Important” in order to make an appearance?

For example usually after Easter we go to a relatives or good family friends home for brunch or dinner. Why do we have to wait for a special occasion to meet with friends or family?

My husband and I were going through old photos and we had the same question to ourselves. We have so many wonderful friends in our lives, why do we have to wait for birthdays, weddings, funerals, graduations etc… to see them??

When you look at your life you are NOT and even no matter how much you think  you are, you are NOT to busy!

I recently saw a very dear friend of mine, she was the maid of honor in my wedding and my best friend since I was 11. I had not spoken with her in two years, and for no good reason. We did not fight, we lived less than 20 miles from each other, neither of us had kids, we let excuses or routines get in the way of the wonderful friendship we share.

Time goes by whether we like it or not, so we need to make time for those important people in our lives. After seeing long lost friends and family I never think man I am happy I waited so long to see them. You always say to yourself, “why don’t we get together more often”.

My challenge to you is to prioritize time with friends and family. I know we are busy with family activities, work, school etc… But that makes the time spent with the people we care deeply about special. Your time is valuable, so place valuable people in your time. Instead of watching a television show, go to coffee with someone you care about, or skype with them.

Time passes us by don’t wait for the “Perfect” moment to schedule time with the people you love.

Declare your new priorities to the comments below.

Post by Annie.