Why Yoga is the Best Compliment for Your Sport….

When I first was introduced to yoga in college almost 11 years ago, I was bored unimpressed, and felt like I just wasted 1 hour out of my life. I didn’t understand the meaning or the benefits behind it?

As an athlete most of my life I was always wanting the “throttle” of the workout without the recovery. The harder I worked the stronger I got the better I felt right?


My body literally started to break down … I was always struggling with some sort of nagging injury (i.e shoulders, hamstrings, knees, etc)… In 2010 I decided I was just going  to bite the bullet and have shoulder surgery so I would be able to practice my sport more efficiently right?

Wrong again…

I ended up having the surgery and leaving myself off in an even worse position than before. I started to avoid shoulder exercises like the plague and figured I could work on my 6 pack abs and tush for a while. Until 6 months later I was left with a torn hamstring. I continued to push through these injuries and kept modifying until a good friend of mine really pushed me to do yoga. I told her “I was not interested” it just “wasn’t for me” and left it at that. As my injuries continued to get worse she kept insisting I go with her. She explained how her yoga instructor catered more towards athletes, so I finally went.

I would not say I feel in love at first site, but I will say that next week of workouts I was able to move much more efficiently with less pain. So I bought a few classes and figured after a month I would see if “it really did help”.

I went every Saturday morning for a 6 week period and pushed through a lot barriers and low and behold after the 6 weeks I felt like a new person!

Yoga was helping me with every aspect of my fitness! I was moving much more efficiently without tightness in my shoulders and hips, and I was actually working out harder because I was able to get lower on my squats, do pushups much more effectively, and I was feeling no pain! It was the first time in years, where I actually felt better after my workouts than before them.

This is when I decided to create Yoga Fit. If I could have my athletes quality of movement improving and body awareness in check then this would lead to better work outs, less injury, and a more positive outlook on their overall fitness.

I have recently started working with high school athletes incorporating yoga once a week into their workout schedule and they are noticing great gains from this. The crazy thing is, it doesn’t take much to go a LONG way! I still till this day only do my yoga practice 1 – 2 times per week and I notice a HUGE difference.

When we opened our gym, I started to put other things in place of where my yoga routine had been, and within 2 weeks I was so tight in my hips that I tweaked my knee and could barely walk. I did my do diligence to open those hips up and within 4 days I was back to normal. It is all about being aware of your body and treating it is the only one you got .. because it is! We can’t continue to pound our bodies and expect No reprocutions from it!

Here is a great article from Yoga Journal. The Seattle Sea Hawks have now made yoga a part of their “practice” (no pun intended).  The results are positive across the board for their mind and body!

So if you have not yet come check out a Yoga Fit Class at CPM I HIGHLY encourage you too.

And if you have post in the comments how it has helped you with your workouts too!

Today’s Workout:

2 rounds for time of:
Run 800m
60 sec Handstand Hold
30 box jumps (24in/20in)
60 double unders

Post by Annie.