Why You Want to do Our ALL IN Challenge 3.0

Part 3; Lifestyle. This is more than a challenge.

As of today you have been operating at a certain level which has lead you to exactly your current state. This level provides you with your current fitness level, mindset you have, your expectation level and what you tolerate to happen to you in your life.

Are you satisfied??

So many Americans fall into the mindset of ‘Just Enough’, it’s fear, it’s scarcity. We give ourselves an option and when things get tough we use that option as a out for ourselves to give in or give up.

I believe a lot of us don’t know how strong we really are. We all have a lot more in the tank. I know we can all achieve more.

This is a very different type of challenge simply for the fact that you don’t have that option. There is no out. This is an all or nothing challenge. The reason being… Anyone can be successful. Once you decide success is the ONLY option and you have no other choice. That is how you begin; this is your shot.

The big takeaway with this challenge is the by product of what you can take with you after the challenge is over. When we have to go ALL IN on a goal you will learn and develop the mindset and the skills of the successful. When we don’t allow ourselves an option or and out we will magically begin to figure it out. And our plan is to prove to you that you can do it. You will learn how to use these new found skills + confidence and turn these healthy habits into a lifestyle.

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The O-Board Says…

With a Running Clock:
1 minute of Pull-Ups
2 minutes of Double Unders
3 minutes of Rowing (cals)
3 minutes Squats
2 minutes of Situps
1 min of Mountain Climbers
*Rest 10 seconds between stations.

Rest 3 minutes…

Do the Reps for each set for Time.

Post by Chris.