Wine Down Yoga and Sleigh The Rower… Coming Your Way!

Wine Down Yoga and Sleigh The Rower… Coming Your Way!

Sleigh The Rower 3.0

The annual Sleigh the Rower Challenge begins Friday, November 27th and goes through Thursday, December 24th. Start thinking about how many meters you’re going to challenge yourself to this year! Get the details HERE.

First Friday Flow DTSF – Wine Down Yoga

Our next First Friday Flow at CPM DTSF is going to be really great because you get to enjoy wine and yoga! Bring your yoga mat, wine and a friend! Mark your calendars for Friday, November 6th @ 6 pm.

Reflections by Mother Plucker

My personal thoughts on another fantastic week at CPMFITness.

1. Klatt and Mello had a hang off on Monday. I opted to video rather than participate. Not that I wouldn’t have done really well 😉 Check it out!

2. I love coaching the clean. My favorite moment this week… Brent Kastner squat cleaning 235 like a boss! Nice job Brent!!

3. Cody provided an additional scale to the 200 Double, 1600 m Run, 100 burpee, 1600 m Row workout. Which scale would you choose?

4. Every now and then you see some new faces at the morning classes. You can refer to the post pic to see who showed up to my 6:30 am class last Wednesday. Both were quite surprised and happy that they made it!

The Oboard Says..
20 Minute Ladder
Back Squats
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