Wired to Eat Challenge: One Week Down!

Wired to Eat Challenge: One Week Down!

What’s the Real Challenge?

I received several questions about the Wired to Eat Challenge last week. Mostly regarding the nutrition requirements. Why only 15 meals? What makes it a compliant meal? Is it enough to only eat 15 clean meals each week? All great questions but I’m not going to answer them in this blog 😉 What I am going to do is share with you how I am challenging myself with the Wired to Eat Challenge.

First of all, 15 compliant meals isn’t really a challenge. I do that every week already. The 75 minute window does make my meal interesting because in the evening I generally finish with some chocolate. So I have to wait 75 minutes. I eat around 6… that puts me at 7:15. I’m ready for bed around 8. Is it worth it to eat something at that point?  ?  The 75 minute window is definitely more of a challenge for me than the meals.

Breakfast is the easiest meal. I typically eat eggs but not with veggies. I’ve added sweet potatoes to my eggs to make it a compliant meal and guess what? I’m satisfied much longer! Win #1!

Lunch is my biggest challenge. Because I usually workout or coach over the noon hour, I don’t get to eat until about 1:30. I prefer to grab a snack instead of eating a meal but I can’t do that now. Turns out, I feel much better actually eating a complete meal. Win #2! (I went with a, click HERE, Buffalo Chicken recipe for my first week of lunches. I’ve made this more times than I can count. Super yummy!)

Dinner is the easiest of all three. As a family, we typically eat meat and veggies w/ olive oil for dinner. My favorite is a tray of frozen veggies, drizzled with olive oil and sea salt. Another great option is white potatoes, sliced, and drizzled with olive oil and sea salt to make potato chips. My kids request them every night! The meal is easy but not having something sweet after the meal…. KILLER! So I guess I’ll call it Win #3 since I’m cutting out some of the bad stuff by not being able to have a treat right away.

I like to eat and I love food (it’s not a secret). It’s easy for us, as coaches, to sit down with you and tell you exactly what to eat. But let’s be real. Will you be able to skip dessert for the rest of your life? Or never have another beer? I sure hope not! It’s not realistic and, honestly, I don’t believe it’s healthy to be that strict. Have fun with the challenge, appreciate the occasions when you get to splurge a little and take note of how much better you are feeling because you are fueling your body!


Good luck CPM!!




The O-Board Says…

Part A:
Odd: Weighted Lunges
Even: Sit to Stands

Part B:
20 minutes
P1: Farmer Carry
P2: Run (400m route)
*when P2 catches P1 5 push-ups, 10 squats