As The WLC Comes to an End…

As The WLC Comes to an End…

All Good Things Must Come to an End

The Whole Life Challenge is over… finally! I have to admit, 8 weeks was a lot for me. I did great for the first 4 weeks and then sort of fell off the wagon. Ok, I totally fell of the wagon. But I have gained a lot during this challenge and it’s not weight that I gained! Today, I want to reflect on the good and the bad of the Whole Life Challenge (according to me).

The Good:

  • The online tracking system – When I was eating well and getting all of my points, recording my score was THE BEST! It was also motivating to watch the other members get full points and continue to get full points for weeks on end. Impressive.
  • The reflections – People are funny! The reflections have been entertaining, positive, negative, and everything in between. It was my new social media free from negative political rants, inappropriate comments and advertisements.
  • KStar – Who better to give us mobility suggestions than Kelly Starrett? He knows his stuff. My favorite mobility weeks were 1 & 2.
  • Mobility – Speaking of mobility, this portion definitely had the biggest impact on my life. I’ve started working on my hips and shoulders a lot and guess what…. my lifts are better, I’m not as achy in the morning and I can demo movements in class without feeling like I’m going to pull a muscle. Mobility is my biggest takeaway and I will continue with it.
  • Meal Prep – I’m back in the habit of prepping meals on the weekend. I love having meals ready to go for me but even more than that, I love that I’m saving money by not eating out as often!
  • Indulgences – The indulgence points were motivating. I was REALLY excited when I earned one and it became a big deal for me to splurge. If I could incorporate this into my life, I would be set!

The Bad:

  • 8 weeks – Way too long from my perspective. 4 weeks is enough of a challenge for me.
  • Nutrition Points – I think nutrition should count for more than 5 of your points. This is by far the hardest part of the challenge (for me anyway). If I eat perfectly, I should be earning more points than what I get for a workout, hydration or mobility.
  • Sleep – I understand why they want us to set our own time for the sleep challenge but shouldn’t there be some limit as to how low you can set it? I know of people who had 5.5 hours set for theirs. That’s not enough!
  • 8 weeks – I said this already? Oh yeah I did but I want to say it again. 8 weeks is a loooong time. Too long!

I’ve got the workouts down and I’m working on my mobility. Now if I could curb my sugar intake, the results would be AMAZING! How bad do I want it? Over the holiday season not bad enough but January 1st…. You Bet!


The Oboard Says…
Forty Minute Fridays!
AMRAP 40min
400m Farmer Carry
100 Squats
1k Row
200m Broad Jump
200 Situps
Posted by: Emily