Working Out Makes Everything Better…SO DO IT!

Why do you think I have a dogg? He is backup!

Working Out i.e. CrossFit works for everyone! Age, gender, race, athletic ability, FAT, unmotivated, etc… doesn’t matter how outta-shape you are in or how in-shape you are in…CF works!

When someone signs up with CrossFit from me they are ready to take control of their life and their health. They are excited, motivated and ready for a challenge.

Then it gets HARD!

And we see what that person is really made of:-) They say they want to lose 20lbs, get back in-shape or get off their meds, but CF actually proves if what you say you want is true or just a bunch of B.S.

For those that try to ‘let themselves of the hook’ and ‘TRY’ to quit or stop coming, that is when I get fired up!

They tell me they have: ‘too much going on in their life’, ‘im starting nursing school’, ‘i cant afford it’, i don’t have any time’, ‘i work too much’…blah blah blah!

Face it peeps, working out and eating healthy is a privilege not a right or a chore. Your health is a gift from above. You better understand that you must use or you will lose it.

Let me put it to you this way:

Does working more hours at your job/career make you healthier?
Does studying more make you healthier?

Does working out help you make more money at your job/career?
Does working out help you get better grades in school?
Does working out make you a better husband/wife, father/mother?

When you think about it, most of our life’s responsibilities (school, work, family, etc)… take up a lot of our waking hours and honestly take a lot of energy away from us.

So ask yourself…where does your health rank on your priority list?

Wouldn’t you think if improving your health and fitness would improve all other aspects of your life it would rank the highest on YOUR priority list?

So does it?

Don’t get me wrong, it ain’t easy, nothing ever comes to us easily, it takes work but bottom line it works and it is for YOU!

P.T.S how health ranks on your priority list. Tell us why. Tell us how you are doing with it. Tell us the obstacles you face daily and how you overcome them.