Yoga Mat Maintenance Tips

I have a lot of my yoga clients ask me how often to wash your mat? How do you wash your mat? How do I keep my mat looking and feeling good! So Here are some tips to keep your mat looking and smelling divine!

# 1 it is a good idea to give your mat a spray down after your practice with a tea tree oil solution or an organic mat spray. You can also grab one of the handy dandy disinfectant wipes from the yoga room and give it a quick once over if you are borrowing one.

#2 If your yoga mat contains stains, dirt, or maybe needs a light cleaning, use lemon juice and baking soda diluted in water with a terry cloth towel to rub out the stains.

# 3 Use a yoga towel which will help with sweat, stains, and it adds a bit more protection. Keep your mat to yourself so you don’t get anyone else’s germs or bacteria, and if you do lend out your mat make sure to give it a deep cleaning.

#4 Make sure you don’t leave your mat rolled up after class, the moist, dark environment is a perfect place for bacteria to grow. Give your mat the chance to air-dry completely before the next session by hanging it over a banister or the top of a door. If you use a towel on top of your mat, throw it in the washing machine so it’s clean and ready for your next class.

# 5 For a deep cleaning – lay your mat out in the bottom of your bathtub, It is handy to have a hand-held shower head. Use a sponge or a wash cloth; rub it gently with a mild soap and make sure to get all the suds and residue off the mat. Remove mat from the tub and put down a large towel, put the yoga mat on top of it, roll it up, stand on it, squish it and roll it around to get some of the water out of the mat and into the towel. Hang the mat to dry (probably 24 hours).

No matter how busy you are, you know have some different methods to keep your yoga mat smelling so fresh and so clean!!

The Oboard Says…

A. 1 RM Hang Clean
use 8 rounds – 90 sec


AMRAP 5min
7 box jump
7 toes to bar

Rest 1min

AMRAP 5min
5 hang power clean
25 double unders

Rest 1min

AMRAP 5min
8 wall ball
8 sit-to-stand

Posted by: Annie