Yoga Poses for Headache Pain ..

You don’t have to TAKE loads of aspirin, Advil, or any other headache relief medication to get rid of that annoying pain in our neck and head. With the ability to help relieve tension, boost circulation, and calm the mind, yoga can be a powerful natural remedy for headaches.

Headaches are typically caused by tension and stress so performing these simple tension and stress relievers will not only take away that headache pain but it will make you feel great throughout your entire body. Yoga also gives you time to slow down relax and reflect and sometimes just slowing down will


Cat pose is a great way to relieve tension in the spine, shoulders and neck, and to boost circulation in the upper body. Begin with your hands and knees on the floor in a tabletop position, and gently round the spine up as you exhale. On the inhale, return to a neutral spine.

You’re moving up all the way through the spine and spreading the disks, which can get compressed from all the sitting that we do at computers and driving,.

#2 Seated Forward Bend:

The pose is performed by sitting on the floor with the legs straight in front of you and feet flexed. Bend forward at the waist and reach the arms straight ahead, relaxing into the pose while keeping the knees straight.

#3 Childs Pose:

This pose is a powerful remedy for stress, anxiety and headaches. It helps to quiet the mind while releasing tension from the back and shoulders.

#4 Seated Spinal Twist:
Spinal twists are dynamic poses that awaken many parts of the body, stimulating the digestive system and energizing the spine. Performed with the bottom leg either bent or straight, the top knee is bent and crossed over. Extend the opposite arm to the outside of the leg and gently twist the back.

#5 Wall Seated Mountain:
Legs Up The Wall, a restorative inversion posture, this pose is also another great one for anxiety relief. The feel-good pose helps to quiet the mind and reduce fatigue — two factors which can make a big difference in preventing and reducing the impact of headaches.The poses can also be performed pretty much anywhere too!

The O-Board Says…

A. 20 minute grind

B.3 Rounds for Time
Run 400m / Row 500m
12 burpee
21 box jumps

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