You Are A Machine!

You Are A Machine!

If you are a fitness nerd, you might hear people talk about compound lifts versus isolation lifts, free weights versus machines, olympic lifts versus power lifts. What’s better? I dare you to pose that question to an avid lifter. Get ready to listen for hours!

I remember some of the first lifting programs I completed. I was just out of college when I decided I wanted to do more than just run 5 miles every day. I can’t even remember who gave me the lifting program but it was clearly divided into 4 days. 2 leg days and 2 upper body days. I would navigate my way through Woodlake using machine after machine to perform these lifts. Remember these?

⚙️ Leg curl machine
⚙️ Leg adductor machine (gotta be confident for that one 🤣)
⚙️ Tricep extension machine
⚙️ Bicep curl machine
I even used a machine to do sit ups…. WTF?!!

My list could go on and on but big point here is that is was ALL MACHINES! Makes me laugh thinking about it now. Was I not confident enough to grab a pair of dumbbells and try to lift the load into the appropriate starting point for my movement without the help of a machine?

Truth is, your body doesn’t care if it’s moving a free weight or a machine. Resistance is resistance and, if the movement is performed correctly, your muscles will respond to the work it has to do by strengthening. Free weights will give you the ability to work more muscles at a time. Machines might be easier to learn, some might say they are safer. Both are effective. If it’s a confidence thing for you, you could try a machine first. It’s almost foolproof. If it’s a learning curve with free weights…. use Google! Research the movements you want to perform before you go to the gym.

All of this being said, the real factor is the type of movement you can or cannot perform with machines. Compound versus Isolation Movements. At CPM, we like to train you for real life. Machines do not simulate real life! Train your body to handle any situation… falling down on the ice and having to push yourself back up to standing?? Yep, that’s a burpee. Don’t tell me burpees aren’t good for you. This is a basic body function. You should be able to get yourself from standing to lying and back to standing. (END RANT!)

Next week, we will discuss compound versus isolation lifts. YAY!! 🎉

~Mother Plucker

Part A:
4 Rounds
10 DB Split Squats (each leg)
10 DB Presses
10 DB Sit Ups

Part B:
9, 15, 21,27…
Cal Row
KB Swing
Box Jump