YOU Reap What YOU Sow…

We all can make our lives a lot simpler then how we are living today.

It happens all the time. You come in for a workout not feeling the greatest. You feel like it is just ‘one of those days’ and you are going to power through it. Then during the workout you start getting a headache, or you get shaky. And the first question I ask is, “Are you dehydrated?”. And you say, “I drank like 80oz today”. But what about yesterday, did you drink enough then. Or how about in the last week? Month? One day of drinking water is not going to hydrate you (and definitely not enough for a CrossFit style workout).

A lot of us wonder why we are in the position in life we are in? If you are not satisfied with your family life? Your job/career? Your FITness/Health? Etc…You need to look at what you have been doing. What do your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly habits look like? Are they in line with your goals?

A quick way to figure out what you NEED to be doing is look at someone who is where you want to be. For example, your FITness. Who is it that you know is where you would like to be? What are their nutrition habits? Workout habits? What do they do on a weekly basis to get in the kind of shape they are in?

The people that continuously say, I will start Monday. Always seem to never get where they want to go.

What you have to realize is that we don’t get what we want right away. And we can’t guarantee when we are going to get it. We can only guarantee what we do right now in the present and what we do in the future. The past is done and has set you up to where you are today. To change where you are going to go you need to start it now! Cutting yourself slack and ‘starting Monday’ will only delay or cloud where you go in the future.

The journey that you must go through is a proving ground to determine how bad you want it.