Your Butt Will Thank You

Your Butt Will Thank You

I know what most of you are thinking or feeling right now after week one of January’s workouts…Nicole love’s her squats. You are 100% correct but there is more to building amazing derrières 🍑 then endless sets of squats.

Deadlifts: you either love them or are afraid of them but if done right are one of the best (along with squats of course😜) and most practical movements in and out of the gym.

In the simplest sense, a deadlift is bending over and picking “dead weight” off the ground. In the gym deadlifts are the foundation for many exercises we perform including the kettlebell swings, box jumps, the clean and snatch. In our everyday life the deadlift has many practical uses. Whether it’s lifting a case of wine🍷, moving heavy furniture or shoveling snow – it’s pretty much any movement that requires “lifting things up”.

Deadlifts provide a wide range of benefits because they are a total-body compound exercise. Compound meaning they work more than one muscle group at a time. Deadlifts facilitate strong and powerful glutes and hamstrings along with the muscles that run from the base of your skull all they way down to your heels. Which means deadlifts, are effective at helping people lose weight by building more muscle and don’t forget feeling like a superhero!💪🏽

So why are deadlifts feared? It’s usually along the lines of “my back is weak/sore”, fear of getting hurt or they have experienced low back pain following a deadlift workout. If done correctly, deadlifts are not bad for your back. There are many contributing factors to low back pain such as weak glutes and hamstrings, poor sitting posture, weak abdominals and extensors, dehydration and poor nutrition.

That being said, the most important factor in any exercise is safety. Most of us would benefit from getting better at deadlifts, but not all. If deadlifts cause you pain, STOP❌ doing them. There are many exercises that can be substituted like hip thrusts, glute bridges, single leg RDL’s, kettlebell swings and don’t forget about the Bulgarian split squats 😜

Like anything in life, the more you practice, the more you can work on good form. Keep doing your squats, but don’t neglect the deadlift – your derrières, hamstrings and core will thank you!



A: Front Squats
•every 90-sec

B) Then 14-min Ladder Of:
Front Squats (135/95)
KB Swings
Box Jumps

(starting at 10, then 12, 14, 16, 18…)