Your Nutrition Check In

Your Nutrition Check In

Today’s post will focus on a very important part of your CPMFITness membership, Your Nutrition Check In.

Almost everyone understands that nutrition is important. However,  those same folks typically do not sign up for a gym membership for nutritional help.

We believe that your nutritional habits are the foundation of the CPMFITness programming.

Here is what a typical Nutrition Check In will look like:

About 2 weeks after you sign up with our CPMFITness membership you will receive an email introduction about our Nutrition Check-In Protocol. It will discuss why we do this appointment, what to look forward to, and we will provide you with some important info/links to look over prior to meeting with us.

Next we ask you record everything you eat for a week. This will give us a chance to take a look at your eating habits, what you eat, don’t eat, your patterns, etc… It is encouraged to journal your food just like you journal your workouts.

The meeting will focus on 4 points:

1-Have answers to these questions ready for us. 

What are your goals?
*We ask because sometimes your goals change since you signed up initially or it helps you re-commit to your goals.

Describe to us why you eat the way you do?
*What is your background with nutrition and dieting?
*How motivated are you about eating better to achieve your goals?
*What questions do you have about food/nutrition?

What do you need help/advice with? (We find people fall within 3 categories of help).

A.     Education: I don’t know what to eat? Recipes? Ideas? Alternatives? Planning?

B.      Motivation: I’m just not motivated to eat better? I have no time? I hate cooking? I think I eat really well.  Can someone just YELL at me?!?!

C.      Accountability: I am a yo-yo dieter. Tips? Tricks? Can someone just YELL at me again?!?!

2-Story Time

At this point we will talk and give you the back-story behind Paleo, Primal, Zone, and all the diets out there. We cover what we personally follow and why. What the typical American eats and why the current health stats are the way they are. How that can change and how important it is for you to change. Our aim is to educate and empower you on what’s available, why they work and how it would apply to you. It all about providing you with the truth behind the methods and helping you make an educated decision for yourself.

3-Paper Trail and Homework

We will then present you will a quick handout and guide explaining protein, carbs and fats: why and how to eat them. This will help you on what foods to add in and avoid. We will then provide more info on a food matrix, 30 day plans, shopping lists, great blogs to follow and learn from, tips and tricks on recovery, hydration, sleep and longevity. Everything you need to arm yourself with the information to succeed!

4-The Future

If I were you…I would check in with us often. Annie and myself who have traveled a long road with nutrition in our FITness journey’s and we are here for you. We have years of information, advice, ideas, tricks, tips, etc. all of which you can literally have within a 30 minute conversion. Talk about Cliff Notes! We don’t have a PhD in nutrition, but we read, experiment and have seen changes in not only ourselves but 100s of other clients over the years. And, if we don’t know the answer to your question, I bet we can find the answer.

Believe it or not, we are MORE motivated than you about your results!

The O-Board Says…

A. Find 1 RM Front Squat
B. Death by 10 meters

Post by Chris.

Post by Chris; @cmoknows