Your Other Valentine…. The Gym Buddy

Your Other Valentine…. The Gym Buddy

Your Gym Buddy

Valentine’s Day is over but I wanted to reflect on another reason we love to go to the gym…. our gym buddies. Friends are often the reason you start a gym and continue to go to the gym day after day. I’ve had several gym BFF’s throughout my life. Here’s a few:

  • Angie – My long-time friend and running partner. I can’t begin to imagine the number of miles we have logged together. It is A LOT! I would NEVER run a 50 mile race without a partner and I think I would do it again if Angie ran it with me.
  • Marin –  We have been gym, volleyball and running buddies since we first met in 2000 at LodgeNet. Marin and I have hilarious stories of working out together. From attending a class with a good-looking instructor despite the fact that we didn’t like the class to kicking volleyballs across the court during games to GI issues gone bad during long runs. Marin is the funniest and sweetest friend a girl could ask for 🙂
  • Becky aka Babs – Marin introduced me to Becky not long after we met and she is a big part of why I joined CPM. Becky and I formed a bond when we realized we were great running partners because our pace was similar. I don’t know of anyone with an engine like Becky’s. How does she do that? Now I enjoy chasing Becky in workouts…. I usually fall behind but it’s motivating as heck!
  • Chelsey – I met Chelsey while taking classes at another gym in town. She was the most competitive person in class (her brother is Mike Miller) and it turned out that I was equally competitive. So we embraced it and became daily workout partners. I miss her!
  • My Hubby – On one of our first dates, Steve said he would go for a run with me. So he wore his high-top basketball shoes and stuck with me for 5 miles! Steve continued to run with me for a few years and we even ran a marathon together. As soon as we got married, he stopped running with me… hmmmm 😉  But on occasion you will catch us working out together at CPM.

CPM has lots of gym buddies. You may not even realize you have a gym buddy…. but it’s very possible that you do! Here’s my list of the obvious and not-so-obvious gym buddies at CPM.

  • Marin and Courtney – This can be a touchy subject with me on partner days 😉
  • Danielle and Chelsi – These two can even convince each other to show up at 5 am!
  • Brooke and Alicia – The blondes. Need I say more??
  • Tory and The General  – I’m pretty sure these two do EVERYTHING together. And they let their third wheel, Aaron, hang out with them too 🙂
  • Josh and Nick – These two have crazy busy schedules between work and family but they still manage to meet each other at the gym on occasion.
  • Cory and Phil – Probably the most hilarious gym buddies. Bickering, competing and pushing each other to the limit. These two are FUN!
  • Missy and Kouri – These two are cousins. I still find that hard to believe!
  • The Couples – The Osmondson’s and The DeHaan’s. These two SUPER fit couples often workout together. Do the husband’s enjoy chasing their speedy wives? I think so!

I’ve got more but I’ll keep it to these for now. Happy Valentine’s Day (a few days late) to you and your gym buddy!



The O-Board Says…

Fight Gone Bad Tabata

Wall Ball
Push Press
Box Jumps
Row For Cals
*rest 1 minute in between rounds
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