Your Quarterly Review

Your Quarterly Review

We have just approached our 1st Quarter of Business at CPMFITness. So what a great time to introduce our Quarterly Review process to our founding members. This is a great stage for YOU and a time to celebrate all the hard work, time and commitment you have put into your health and fitness. But this is ONLY the beginning…

What YOUR Coaches are looking for from you?

Annie and I at CPMFITness have very HIGH expectations for each and everyone of you. We base those expectations on the goals you have given us. I hope you understand how committed we are to your goals, because we ARE! Which is whey we have built  in Quarterly Check-In’s with you. A lot can happen in 3 months with CPM, especially in your 1st 3 months. These Quarterly Check-In appointments will ensure that you are getting everything you want out of CPMFITness.

To help prepare you a little more about what goes on during your Quarterly Check-In
here is what we like to cover:

1- How’s your Progress? Goals? Where you need work? Goal Setting? This part is a self check of everything that is going on with you. In your FITness journey with us (esp in the
beginning) you are going to learn a lot about yourself not only physically but mentally
and emotionally. Communicating with us about everything that is going on with you is
only going to help you improve, be more confident and in-turn provide you with better results!

Where were you at (fitness wise) when you walked through our doors?

Where are you now?
What were your initial goals??? (Get ‘in-shape’? Lose weight? Kick your meds?)
Are your goals starting to change?

2- Journal Review. You have been JOURNAL RIGHT??? Keeping an updated journal is probably the easiest/hardest thing to do, especially after you are in the fetal position for 10 minutes after a workout that just CRUSHED you. But journaling is MANDATORY for you to improve faster and get your money’s worth. Everyone knows how important journaling is but honestly it is rare when we see a complete journal at this quarterly meet up. Health and FITness is science. When you eat cleaner and workout consistently you get the results you want. The more detailed you are, the more you have an opportunity to accelerate the achievement of your goals. And your coaches can help you tremendously when you present us with a complete food and workout log. Don’t believe me? Put it and us to the test. I know in my 12 years of coaching it is night and day for those of you that journal diligently and get results to those of you that don’t.

3- Your Expectations of US? In your initial one on one introductory appointment with we talked a BIG game. “Our Coaches are the BEST.” We contact you when you don’t show up for a week. We help you with your nutrition. We provide you a clean and organized gym. We are dedicated to our programming etc, etc, etc…

So how are we doing?
Are we meeting YOUR expectations?
Is your experience everything you want and need to improve/hit your goals/get results?
What can we do better?
Anything missing you would like us to implement?

We consider this part of the Quarterly Check-In a formal time to chat with you and be candid and help us make your CPMFITness experience the BEST.

With that said, we appreciate each and every one of you at CPMFITness. It has been an
amazing 3 months and you all have so much potential its scary!

Keep up the great work.

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Post by Chris.