Your Strength

Your Strength

2018 was a great year but I am ready to tackle some new goals for 2019 and it begins with strength training!

Unfortunately none of us are getting younger. The clock might stop in our minds but our bodies tell a different story. Lean muscle mass diminishes with age. If we don’t do anything to replace this loss, our body fat % will increase.

Despite the many benefits of strength training, it’s not uncommon for people dedicate all of their exercise time to burning calories via cardio in an effort to fend off weight gain. For some, picking up a set of weights for the first time can be intimidating. Whatever the reason strength training is often overlooked.

Strength training goes beyond building muscle.

• It helps develop strong bones and protects joint stability
• It adds in weight management by increasing metabolism to burn calories more efficiently
• It enhances quality of life
• It reduces symptoms of chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, obesity and back pain
• It may help reduce depression and boost confidence and self-esteem

Many exercises can be performed with little or no equipment. I am a big advocate of don’t walk before you can crawl. Meaning don’t bench press before you can do 15 push-ups or add weight to your pull-ups until you are able to complete 10 with just your bodyweight. Weight should only be added when the bodyweight version gets easy.

Free weights are my favorite when it comes to strength training. I have really grown to love the barbell. These exercises are big compound movements that recruit a lot of muscle mass and challenge your mind.Training heavy with the right exercises is a great way to get you that lean, sexy and fit body.

My focus for 2019 is not achieving a certain number on the scale but to put my focus on improving my strength and let the “weights take the weight off”.



Odd: 5 Behind the Neck Strict Press
Even: 100m Farmer Carry

300m Run
20 KB Swings
10 KB Russian Twists (each side)