Your Week’s Deets…


February 24th @7:30p: CPM Open House 2 Event (Monday Evening)

Do you know someone that is???

*BORED at the gym.
*TIRED OF NO Results
*WANT a challenge.

This is open to the public, friends and guests of members.

*The coaches go over a brief introduction of who we are, what we do, and why we’re different.
*We’re going to run everybody through a group baseline so the coaches can assess your fitness ability and guests will get a preview of how our workouts will look and feel.
*Members bring your Friend(s) and Re-Test (or take for the 1st time) our Baseline Test.

NEW JUMP ROPE ORDER. Due 2/21 at 1pm. 

Last chance for our next preorder. The Jump Rope order board is up in the changing room. Lots of new members mean personal jump ropes are needed. If you missed the order last time here is your chance to customize your color, handles and length.


Nutrition + Education + Empowerment + Accountability + Fun. Basically everything you need to ramp up your summer body!

Here are some clue’s…

*30 Day Only Challenge
*Real Food & Real Results
*Weekly Meetings, Cash Prizes, Sponsors, High Accountability.
*This is more of a shotgun, immerse yourself, laser focused approach.

More details will continue to come… It is worth the wait!

The O-Board Says…

Come in and find out:-)

Post by Chris.