Your Worth is Greater than the Price ..



Stop looking at the price tag and start looking at the worth!

We spend the majority of our life worrying about what things cost and not finding the worth in the product (i.e ourselves,)

Totally commit to something and find the worth of it it’s freeing and liberating. You have no other distractions and you can go after the price instead of the price dominating you.

Stop telling yourself it’s costing to much and start making it worth it!

Here are the 3 things in life you can control at all times:

The 3 S’s 

Your  State, story and strategy ..

Your state is your state of being (your emotion)

Your Story (I am worth it I am not)

Your Strategy (how are you going to get there goal setting, journaling, hard work, etc)

Without these you will feel empty and distracted, with them you will feel full and empowered.

The Price you pay to make your dreams come true is infinitely smaller than the price you pay for not making your dreams come true!

What price are you willing to pay fit ones to lead the life you know you want and you know you deserve!

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Today’s Workout Is…

A. Power Clean 5-5-3-2-2
(Every 90 seconds)

B: 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders
10-8-6-4-2 Power Clean
*200m Run between each round*

Posted By: Annie