You DON’T get fit by getting lucky. You DON’T get fit by working out for a weekend. FITness must become a part of who you are. ~ Tony Robbins

Welcome to Day 4 (Wednesday) of the 100 Day Pushup Challenge. FYI – all you need to do is 10 pushups and you are officially in. 

We’ve covered the rules and details however I want to provide you the tips and mindset behind why you SHOULD jump in the challenge with us…

1. Consistency Is King. Our brains work best off automation. We like to make things as simple as possible so we conserve the most amount of energy and stress that we can. Think about how you don’t have to think about brushing your teeth, how to operate a car, what to do to bath yourself. We do many things everyday without a conscious thought. These pushup’s can be the same thing. Imagine the potential you have instilling this healthy habit everyday! You know you’ve developed a habit when your day doesn’t seem complete until you have completed it.

Pro-Tip: Pair your pushups up with something you always do everyday (brushing teeth, before you take a shower, before (or after) a meal). #anchorTheHabit

2. Have a ‘Buy In’ ‘Back-Up’ Plan. Let’s be honest, human beings are not perfect by design. Whew… Knowing this understand there will be a day when you forget to do your pushups. But that is okay, this challenge is not about perfection and very much about completion. I’ve been doing this challenge with our friends at DocuTAP, I’ve gotten 245 pushups debt by missing a few days during the week and a whole weekend. However, I did not get defeated and throw in the towel! I got motivated a built a strategy. I knew I had 40 days left in the challenge. So, I decided to complete 40 extra a day (usually before a CPM Class) and I was back to balance within a week.

Pro-Tip: Notice the ‘Buy-In’ part on the Pushup Board, it will tell you exactly what you need to do to pay the ‘pushup debt’ and join us. It is not too late,  jump in with us. Just do it! And you don’t have to do all the Buy-In Pushup that day, you can spread it out as long as you complete them. 

3. Pay Attention. For most of you, this is more pushup’s then you’ve done in a while (maybe ever). Some common concerns you could be thinking…

Will I injure my shoulders?
What happens if my elbows start hurting?

Instead of worrying about the problem how about we focus on some solutions? We will be providing specific stretches, warmups, post workout protocols to ensure with the added stress you are putting on your body that you will provide the added ‘movement nutrition’ to get your body bulletproof and continuing to get the ‘#gainz’ you desire.

4. Enjoy the Ride and Have Fun! The board is filling up. Challenging yourself is empowering, fun and it doesn’t everyday to be around a bunch of positive, motivating, like-minded individuals… Take advantage of it!

A great article; Push-ups: The Perfect Primal Exercise

The O-Board Says…

A. Every 2 minutes, for 18 minutes (3 sets of each):
Minutes 0-2, 6-8 & 12-14 =  10 Supine Ring Row
Minutes 2-4, 8-10 & 14-16= 45-60 seconds Nose-to-Wall Handstand Hold
Minutes 4-6, 10-12 & 16-18: 45-60 seconds Hollow Rocks or Holds

B. Every 4 minutes, for 20 minutes (5 sets):
Row 500 Meters
20 Jumping Lunges
20 Push-Ups

Post by Chris; @cmoknows

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