We have some awesome new changes in the works for 2017 and we can’t wait to tell you about what we’ve been up to. First up on the list, is a new way of introducing prospective members and referrals into the gym.

As you probably know, we are constantly evaluating our systems, programs, and facility to determine how to make our gym(s), our culture, and our training better and more effective for our members.

After countless meetings, discussions, and evaluations with our coaches and members, and consulting with the some of the best gyms in the business, we have decided our current intake process is not optimal for the long term growth and development of both new and current members. With that, The Free Week Trial has officially expired. 

One of the most challenging things for coaches to do is teach new members complex movements on the fly… The instruction is seldom sufficient for the new member, and our current members have to sacrifice valuable time with their coaches in order for these new athletes to be brought up to speed.

Starting immediately, we will direct all new and prospective members through a FREE 1-on-1 Intro, followed by a fundamentals program administered through personal training. This program is designed to graduate members to classes based off their ability to demonstrate competency in a list of skills and benchmarks. This ensures new members are READY to join classes. Meaning they can perform all the necessary movements safely without excessive instruction during class time, and that they have a clear understanding of the culture and logistics of our gym. Leaving class time for refining and improving and mastering the movements and skills you have already learned!

As you all know, our CPM program can be an incredibly technical program, incorporating elements from a wide range of sports that by themselves can take years to master – If you told me you wanted to learn to snowboard, I wouldn’t put you on a bus to Colorado! We would get all the right equipment, and start by learning the basics from an expert! This is no different.

Fundamentals will require a minimum of 5 training sessions at regular PT rates.

1-on-1 or 1-on-2 personal training will allow us to address individual needs, deficiencies, weaknesses, and injuries. It will also allow us to get to know new member personally so that we can understand their lifestyle, their goals, and what they need from us to succeed.

How does this affect current members?

You no longer have to sacrifice time with your coach while they bring new members up to speed.

When you have a friend/neighbor, co-worker, etc… interested in CPMFITness have them contact us or give us their information and we can run them through the following…

1. FREE 1-on-1 intro (email getfit@cpmfitness.com)
2. Personal training

3. Graduate to group classes!

If you feel like you’re stuck where your at because you didn’t receive this type of instruction, Email us to talk about a modified program to bring you up to speed!

Thank you for everything! Cheers to making 2017 your FITTEST year yet!

The O-Board Says…

10 Rounds for Time:
11 Pullups (C2B)
22 KB Goblet Squats
*3min do a 200m Run*