With Challenge comes Change. 

The purpose of this challenge is very simple. We are forcing change.  Over the course of our lives we are a direct result (how we look, feel and perform) of our everyday actions.

When I am dealing with a client that is not satisfied with their current results I think about a quote I heard just about a year ago…

“Are your goals worthy of your daily actions?”

Last year in April most of you may remember our ALL IN Whole 30 Challenge. It was hyper focused on whole food eating with no deviation and total commitment to the rules EVERYDAY for 30 days. The results… Blew me away! I was thrilled with the amount of participants, commitment and results it proved. People lost weight, increased strength, gained energy, even their skin looked like it turned back the clock!

This year we are taking a similar ‘Everyday Type Of ‘approach with a workout theme. April has 30 days, one of those days is Easter (we will be closed). We are challenging you to do 30 CPM classes (workout/yoga/both). The goal is for you to mix workouts and yoga together to complete the 30 classes.

Can it be done? Yes! A couple examples…

A. Yep! We tried it out in Feburary with a member (Garrett Wilson). He crushed it! Not only is Feburary the shortest month (28 days), he also had to go out of town for a couple days for work. He completed the 30 classes in 24 days.

B. Angela Hight is doing it this month. Dusty does it every month, sometimes upwards to 40 classes!

Tips to think about…

1. Too Sore?? = Focus on Yoga. You will probably incur more fatigue and soreness. We know you will get the workouts in.

  • The key will yoga is it will balance the increased volume of your workouts, help you recover faster and not to mention help your flexibility.
  • Also, adjusting your workout class intensity to the increased volume of classes is a very professional approach. Respecting your bodies limits and testing those limits is the recipe for success!
  • Work with your coach in each class and have them help you scale the load, volume or movements if needed. It’s more about the habit of coming to classes then pushing yourself 100% in every class you attend.

2. Not Enough Time = Plan out the month in Advance.

The funny thing about when people say, “I don’t have enough time…” is they are fooling themselves… You are WRONG! We all have ‘enough’ time because we all have the exact same amount of time, remember, 24 hours in a day. It is a matter of how we spend our time. You get to choose.

Set your schedule for the month of April now! Block it off on your calendar and you are not only more likely to show up but more importantly not let anything else get on your calendar. Once you schedule out the month you will feel the 30 classes are much more realistic. There is something about putting it on paper and seeing it in front of you that creates the clarity to commit. Here is how it could have looked this month of March…


3. Want Better Results? = Food and Hydration. I think most of us can agree that when we workout we tend to eat better. Let’s play to that in April especially. For those of you that participated in our nutrition challenges in the past, its time to re-adopt those habits. For those that haven’t check in with a coach and we can help you strategize. You will need more fuel and more importantly better quality of fuel to keep you healthy, have energy, recover and even get better results.

4. I Don’t Think I can do it = That is what this challenge is built for. Our daily actions/routines have developed into our patterns. You want change, you must change your patterns of behavior. Of course 30 classes seems like a lot if you are used to doing 2/3 classes a week. Think of this as your opportunity to bust out of your normal routine, shake up your month and daily patterns.

The O-Board Says…

Bear Complex
For a sneek peak… CLICK HERE

—Cool Down—
500m Row / 400m Jog

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