Protein can be a very difficult thing to add to your diet especially if you are not prepared. It is also one of the most beneficial for your body. If you are feeling sluggish, having trouble losing weight, have low energy, feel fatigued, moody, soreness, and often sick this is the blog for you.

Here are the top 5 easiest ways to incorporate protein easily into your daily routine:

# Individual Protein Powder Packs – When you’re low in protein, your system knows it needs energy, and you crave foods that will give you fuel fast. Unfortunately, those foods cause more harm than good to our bodies. So, instead of reaching for a cookie, fill up your water bottle with some protein powder. If you are not a fan of water you can add a delicious nut based milk (like almond or cashew coconut is yummy too). Now you’ll curb cravings for sweets by giving your body the kind of sustained energy it really needs. If you are Vegan or have Dairy issues, than I really like Garden of Life Protein Packs.

#2 Jerky -Lean jerky is a convenient way to get more protein into your diet. However,quality is key when choosing the right brands. Many types of jerky contain sugar, preservatives and various gluten. They’re also frequently made from lower-quality meat. Some jerky and “snack sticks” come from grass-fed beef, bison and other free-range animals. Choosing jerky from grass-fed animals will provide better-quality meat with higher amounts of healthy omega-3 fats (36). Lean jerkies or snack sticks typical contain about 7 grams of protein per oz. They can often be stored for several months without refrigeration and are ideal for travel.

#3 Hard boiled Eggs – eggs are a complete source of essential amino acids and a healthy way to pack protein into your meal or snack. If you’re worried about cholesterol, don’t be. The latest evidence suggests the cholesterol in eggs—yes, including the yolks—isn’t a concern. You can also boil a bunch of eggs at once and grab them on the go when you need.

#4 Protein Bars: Here is a great link I previously posted on why and when bars are a good choice and why and when they are beneficial.

# 5 Canned Fish or Clean Deli Slices – Canned fish is a fantastic way to boost protein intake. It requires no refrigeration, so it’s wonderful for travel or to keep at your desk. It can be enjoyed as a snack or with a meal.Deli Meat is a great snack that is an easy grab and go food to get more protein in your daily life. Try to shoot for leaner proteins like turkey and/or Chicken. I like brands like Boars Head and Dilusso.

What are some of your favorite “Go To” Proteins CPM’ers?

The O-Board Says…

A: 15 Minute Grinder

B: 3 Rds for Total Reps
1 min Wall Balls
1 min SDLHP
1 min Wtd Burpee Step-Ups
1 min Seated Press
1 min Cal Row
**1 min Rest after each round

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