EXCUSES are a funny thing. All it does it serve no one and gets nobody what they want. For more of a look check out an old blog post, EXCUSES ARE LIKE…

To build off that, I came across a FULL list of reasons (cough… Excuses) why you wouldn’t come to a CPM Workout or Yoga Class. Enjoy…

1. You’re car is in the shop.
2. You’ve had a long day at work.
3. You’re short on cash.
4. Something (anything) came up.
5. You’re sore.
6. The workout has running in it.
7. You’ve got to get ready to go out later.
8. The workout has overhead squats in it.
9. You don’t think your goals are important anymore.
10. You tweaked your ankle.
11. You’re hung over.
12. The workout is long.
13. Game of Thrones is on.
14. You need “your wine.”
15. The snooze button felt too good.
16. It’s too hot.
17. It’s too cold.
18. There’s snatches in the workout.
19. You didn’t leave work early enough.
20. You don’t have the right shoes.
21. You procrastinated on a work project.
22. The workout looks hard.
23. You tweaked your elbow.
24. The workout doesn’t look like “a good one.”
25. You’ve got a “work thing.”
26. You’ve got a “networking thing.”
27. There’s just too much going on right now.
28. You didn’t sleep well last night.
29. You slept great last night.
30. It’s a holiday.
31. It’s not a holiday.
32. There are double unders in the workout.
33. Work happy hour!
34. You haven’t been training enough lately.
35. You’ve been training a lot lately.
36. There’s lifting in the workout.
37. You forgot your workout clothes.
38. Someone else isn’t going.
39. Some else is going.
40. You’ve been eating well recently.
41. You haven’t been eating well recently.
42. It’s not your scheduled class.
43. You’re not used to the coach.
44. There’s intervals in the workout.
45. You don’t want to be embarrassed.
46. The movements in the workout are new.
47. The workout is one you could do at home (but don’t).
48. Peer pressure.
49. You’ve got to do laundry.
50. You’ve got to go to the DMV.
51. It’s your birthday!
52. You’ve got a stomach ache.
53. There’s this big project at work.
54. You’ve met a girl or a boy!
55. You’re depressed because you haven’t met someone.

Which one’s have you used? How many times?

For even more go to our friends Deuce Gym for a total of a 100!

The O-Board Says…

AMRAP 20 minutes
20 Goblet Ball Lunges
20 Slam Balls
200m Run (with Slam Ball/Wall Ball)

Post by Chris; @cmoknows

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