Last week I spoke about the SECRETS TO CHANGE is that there really is no secret. I know we all want change but I think most of us underestimate what it will really take for us to create (and keep) the change we desire. However change can definitely happen and like we said last week your have to have the right mindset first. But after that, what is next? Here are some specific action steps to take…

1. Get mad.
I’m serious, you have to really get mad. You have to significantly increase the pain of NOT changing. Staying the same, maintaining status quo, going on as is has to be WAY more painful than the process of change is.

The biggest reason you haven’t changed is staying the same is easier and less painful than changing is. Your brain will always seek the path of greatest ease and least resistance. It is your job to take control of your brain and apply some serious pain to NOT changing.

What is that going to take?
You figure that out.
Write out the bleak scenario of your life 10-15 years from now if you don’t change.
Take a picture of your naked self and tape it to the mirror.
Find an elderly family member (or friend) who’s had they health decline and picture yourself there at that age.
Embarrass yourself. Punish yourself a bit. Induce pain on yourself.
Now I am not talking about any mortification of the flesh or self-flagellation for penance, but maybe some emotional whipping is in order.

“Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound.”-James Allen

2. Create massive disruption.
You have to interrupt every previous pattern that induced or triggered your weakness. I suggest doing a massive sweep of your environment. If changing your diet is your desire, clear out every shred of junk food from every environment you linger. Make every person you dine with swear to an oath that they will not allow you to eat crap food. Make it nearly impossible to fall off course.

If you are trying to rid yourself of distraction, take everything out of your office. Clear it clean. Then only put back what is essential and non-distracting. Even stacks of old projects, file drawers of needless material will weight on your subconscious mind – eradicate it all.

3. Create public humiliation (if you fail).
Declare your new behavior publicly. It’s even easier today with technology. Write a letter to someone you respect apologizing for the lack of character you have shown and your plan and promise to change putting your integrity on the line. Don’t hold yourself accountable. Recruit as many people as possible to hold you to account. You’ve already failed yourself many times. You’ve lied and let yourself off the hook repeatedly. That isn’t working. It’s time to call in reinforcements – to enforce yourself.

4. Track visually.
Put your progress up on the whiteboard at the office or your home. Tape up a big desk calendar on your wall with the red X marks of progress. Find a way to track every daily step and make it physically visible – for you and those around you to see.

5. Plan for failure.
After all, you ARE human. Humans are weak, by nature. So you are going to fall. But don’t let a fall be failure. Just get back up and keep going from where you are. Success is not perfection. Success is progress. Just be better today than you were yesterday. And if for some reason you aren’t, be better tomorrow than you are today.

The O-Board Says…

in… 20 min

50 Sit to Stands w/Med Ball…

200m Run
15 KB Swings
25 Ball Slams

Post by Chris; @cmoknows

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