I would love to introduce you to my client Tim Royse. He is 80-years young and believe me when I say, he is a true inspiration!❤️

Tim’s journey with fitness started at a very young age. He played football, basketball and ran track. He was one of the smallest kids on the playing field weighing in at 138-pounds. He went on to play one year of college football as a utility player.

Tim transitioned into adulthood doing the normal things like starting a family, becoming a dad and landing a job. It wasn’t until age 54 that fitness found its’ way back into his life.

The reason? Anger 😡management.

Weighing in at 235-pounds, Tim used exercise as a way to cope with the stress of life. There was a lot of tension he needed to unleash. It started with walking around the block. That turned into a light jog from one telephone pole to the next. Then blocks turned into miles and later that year he ran his first 5K.

That race set-off his fire alarm and began to fuel 🔥his competitiveness once again. Two year later, Tim ran is first marathon in Sacramento. Unlike me (one and done) Tim spent the next decade trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Running became his form of medicine. His best time was at age 63. He was 1-min and 30-sec away from qualifying!!

Then things came to a halt ❌due to planter fasciitis, his fight with prostate cancer and spending 2 ½ years at the side of his wife through her losing battle with cancer.

During his time as a caregiver he came across an article about Marathon Tours and Travel. He has always wanted to visit Chile, so why not run a marathon there.😁 First up Easter Island. This is where he learned about the 7-continent club.  Tim, now age 73, knew his marathon days were coming to an end as the distance was getting harder to complete and the joy he once felt was not there. He then discovered there was the option to run a ½ marathon. He was all in!

Fast-forward 5-years, a ½ marathon on all 7 continents have been complete. From Patagonia, the Great Wall of China, New Zealand, South Africa, Iceland, Antarctica and the USA. I was lucky enough to meet Tim before is last race in Antarctica. My favorite quote before he left was “I am going to complete not compete”.

So what is Tim doing now with his time?

Training for the 2021 National Senior Games. Tim just returned from the Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George Utah. He competed in the triple jump, standing long jump and long jump and placed 2nd in all 3-events!! Some may be wondering why? Well, in Tim style, he loves to play in the sand!

What’s Tim’s secret?

Survival. We are all on a merry-go-round. Exercise is his sanity.



A. Partner 200m Sprints
5 Rounds for Time (YGIG)

B. Every 3min for 5 Rounds
20 Box Jumps
10 Toe to Bar
MAX Cal Row

*Score all Cals row’d*

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