I know in my own life the happiest and most successful I have been is when I decided to hire a coach. If you are new to the concept, know that it feels scary at first. You are spending money and time on yourself AND asking for help (something that I am not good at!). You are willingly signing up to let someone else into your life, to push you to make changes. Sometimes this means letting someone in on your deepest darkest secrets. Working with a coach makes your desires REAL, gets them OUT into the world, and helps you create an action plan to move forward.

Even more important than the coach, is you. YOU need to be ready!

Don’t Hire a Coach if:

  • You want someone else to change. Coaching helps you change your thinking, your plans, and your actions. If you want other people to change, hire a coach for them.
  • You’re looking for an expert to give you solutions, hire a consultant. Coaches strive to empower you to create your own personalized solutions.
  • You want someone else to implement. Coaches are not contractors who will do the work for you. A coach will help you figure out your strategy and next steps, but not do them for you.

5 Reasons to Hire a Coach:

  1. You are stuck. I have become stuck a number of times. When I changed my assumptions or my beliefs about what’s possible, everything changed. Sometimes I too just can’t figure it out. A coach will help you gain clarity over your individual situation and identify the best route towards a solution.
  2. Consistency. A coach will show you how to make small changes that will build up to a lifetime of good habits and get us further away from the quick fix.
  3. Objectivity: A coach can look at you objectively and give you an honest assessment without the inconsistent thoughts we have when it comes to our own life. Asking your sister or best friend is not the same – a third party who doesn’t have ties to your personal life can give you unbiased honesty and thoughts.
  4. Individualization: Its no longer one size fits all. Your health is unique to you, and a coach can help you customize your goals in accordance with your unique lifestyle needs.
  5. Accountability: Without accountability it’s easy to get away with thinking, “If no one sees it, it never counts.” There is great value in accountability. Coaches fill this role. You are never alone. You have a partner in your journey to a better you.

Of course you CAN go about working on your goals on your own, saving money and trying to find your own solutions. You can be successful… but honestly? It’s pretty hard to make AND sustain positive change without help. Accountability is the key. That’s when coaching becomes the most valuable investment you can make – the secret sauce that allows you to be a success.



A. Tabata Row: stop at 1000m

B. Every 5 minutes for 4 rounds:

300m Farmer carry
AMRAP remaining 5min w/..
3 Pwr Snatch
6 Pushups
9 Air Squat

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