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Social Distancing your FITness (COVID-19 Close Your Gym??)

Yesterday Nicole went into detail of what you need to be effective with your Home (Quarantine) Gym (LINK)… Today, I will cover the HOW & WHY to Be Effective with your home workouts CHANGE YOUR MINDSET Your mindset and where you put your energy daily determines where your future leads. It’s easy to have healthy […]

(COVID-19) In Preparation for This Week… March 16 – 20 Workouts

We know the COVID-19 is on the mind of everyone. No matter what your opinion is with the current state of the coronavirus we are taking everything into consideration and remaining open for now. We will continue our same hours class schedule. We’ve reviewed all the metrics across the gym industry and we fall in line with practical social distancing […]

How Can I REALLY Change for the Better???

It happens all the time when starting a new FITness regimen…You are motivated, excited and ready to conquer the world. Jan 1st: YOU are on FIRE!!! Jan 13th: Feeling frisky and starting to ‘feel’ the results. Jan 27th: Sore and fatigued but still on the plan. Feb 3rd: Oh no!…Missed a day or two and […]

The 5 Reasons Why People DON’T Become Healthy…

I talk a lot about what you need to do (and who you need to become) to get yourself in the best shape you desire. Sometimes it is just as good to know what NOT to do. Why is it that people don’t become FIT? In a country like ours, with the opportunities that we […]

Why Do People Quit?

Starting a workout program can be intimidating, nerve racking, and feel overwhelming at first. Succeeding with that same workout program and turning it into a lifestyle can be EVEN HARDER! During my years as a coach I’ve noticed that most people quit working out because they failed to understand and address the non-physical issues with […]


CPM Combine (3 Types of Participants)

The Combine is coming and we are getting pumped! If you need a refresher click the “CPM COMBINE IS BACK” (LINK) for the what and how it works info. With gym wide events like these you will find there are a few different types of candidates… 1. Re-Test #s = How FIT are You? •Data […]