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Barrier Bashing!!

“We don’t lack for knowing, we lack for doing.” “What keeps us from doing what we know that needs to be done?” Answer = Barriers! Barriers are obstacles and impediments that consistently keep us from acting on what we know. We are faced with a barrier in 7 stages of action for you to understand and […]


F & Q Page… (NEW Website Highlights; Part 4)

Also, new to our New Website is the most Frequently Asked Questions we have found over the years. Enjoy! I’m Not sure if I want to do CPMFITness . Can I just drop in and try out a class? You can tryout a class when you are ‘pre-qualified’. We are a coaching driven program. We […]


Our Process… (Part 3 of our NEW Website Highlights)

Stop screwing around with the one (or ALL) of the following.. A boring routine Settling for less results than you deserve Or not starting because you haven’t worked out in years. Our map below clearly walks you down the method to our madness on how you not only get FIT but Stay FIT for Life! […]

Shoulder Injuries: You could be next!

Barring an acute event (like falling on an outstretched arm), most shoulder injuries come from repeated, cumulative damage. Hard Truth: Almost everyone is at risk for Shoulder Injuries. The Subscapularis (LINK) tends to get plenty of stimulation in our “front-of-the-body-internal-rotation” happy gyms. This means it’s usually pretty tight and strong. Combine this with things like: […]

Success or Failure?? Which Do You Learn More From?

This question came up (again) in a conversation I had recently with a client.. Success or failure?? Which do you learn the most from? Most people will tell you that mistakes are what you learn from, but I learn more from my successes than I do my mistakes. If there’s a consistent mistake I make, […]

The KING of All Core Exercises!

The  overhead squat is the ultimate core exercise, and unrivaled in developing an effective athletic body. This functional gem trains for efficient transfer of energy from large to small body parts – from your fingers all the way down to your toes! For this reason it is an indispensable tool for developing speed, strength, power and a […]