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More Than Goal Setting… (mrCPM’s ONE WORD)

I am an achiever. Every year Annie and I sit down towards the end of the year stretching out to the start of the new year and SET OUR GOALS for the year. Goal setting (like anything in life) can be as simple or as complex as you make it. Due to my burning desire […]


CPM Combine is BACK! (save the Date)

As I mentioned last week… (LINK) At CPMFITness we believe true Functional FITness needs to be broad, inclusive with a mix of weight lifting, bodyweight calisthenics and high/medium/low intensity conditioning. No matter anyone’s FITness level or ability we feel everyone has the opportunity to get as FIT as they want to get it.   With that, it is with […]

One of our Secret Weapons to Get you FIT!… M-C-I

At CPMFITness we believe true Functional FITness needs to be broad, inclusive with a mix of weight lifting, bodyweight calisthenics and high/medium/low intensity conditioning. The skill levels in each area range from basic human movements (squats, pushups, pullup’s, lunges and sit-ups) to more High Skill movements (handstand pushups, snatch, clean and jerks, muscle ups). No […]

ACCOUNTABILITY… “The One Word” with 3 Ingredients

Dictionary.com defines ACCOUNTABILITY as… the fact of condition of being accountable; responsibility. You could also google “ACCOUNTABILITY” and find it as “Personal ACCOUNTABILITY” is the belief that you are fully responsible for your own actions and consequences. It’s a choice, a mindset and an expression of integrity. In the FITness game ACCOUNTABILITY is everything. It […]

More Than The Scale…

With the holidays in the FULL swing of things…  ‘Holiday eating‘ becomes an issue for people unclear on the concept of issues. Consider this your friendly reminder that the scale is NOT the end all be all as your progress for Health and FITness. There are many other factors (measures) to consider. 𝙎𝙄𝙂𝙉𝙎 𝙊𝙁 𝙋𝙍𝙊𝙂𝙍𝙀𝙎𝙎 […]

Barrier Bashing!!

“We don’t lack for knowing, we lack for doing.” “What keeps us from doing what we know that needs to be done?” Answer = Barriers! Barriers are obstacles and impediments that consistently keep us from acting on what we know. We are faced with a barrier in 7 stages of action for you to understand and […]


F & Q Page… (NEW Website Highlights; Part 4)

Also, new to our New Website is the most Frequently Asked Questions we have found over the years. Enjoy! I’m Not sure if I want to do CPMFITness . Can I just drop in and try out a class? You can tryout a class when you are ‘pre-qualified’. We are a coaching driven program. We […]


Our Process… (Part 3 of our NEW Website Highlights)

Stop screwing around with the one (or ALL) of the following.. A boring routine Settling for less results than you deserve Or not starting because you haven’t worked out in years. Our map below clearly walks you down the method to our madness on how you not only get FIT but Stay FIT for Life! […]