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Common Flexibility Mistakes

A flexible and mobile body in my opinion is one of the KEY ingredients for… An effective workout routine Preventing injury Aging gracefully However, out of most things in the FITness world (lifting weights, diet, supplements, cardio, calisthenics) flexibility can be argued as the most understood of them all. Why? You Have to Stretch A […]

What is the Difference Between Mobility and Flexibility?

Which is Better?? Flexibility and mobility are both intended to increase range of movement but are not the same. To improve a joints range of motion the muscles surrounding the joint need to be flexible enough to stretch and allow joint mobility. When you look up the definitions you will find… MOBILITY = Ability of […]

Pound for Pound The BEST Hip Flexor Stretch!

Strength means Safety and Safety means Strength!  One of the key ways to improve flexibility and range of motion is to create strength at end range positions. Simply put, the strength you create will send signals to your brain that you are in a safe position and your nervous system will RELAX and unlock the […]


I’m starting to see this more and more… (I know this probably because my wrists have been sore from all the handstands I’ve been doing :-/ ) If you have to tape your wrists for a workout. Or if you have to stop and shake your wrists out whenever you do push-ups. Or maybe your […]

mrCPM’s Take on Active Recovery

Train – Recover – Repeat In a perfect world that would the order of operation. We train to impact stress (good stress) on our body. We are sending signal to our brain, hormones, bones, muscles, etc… to impose healthy stress to signal the beginning of change in our body. Then we need to recover. Recovery […]

5 Reasons Why You Have Chronic Low Back Pain

There are only a couple reasons why I would tell someone NOT to come to the gym… One of them being they have pain (more than discomfort) in their low back! Which unfortunately is a common case among most folks these days. Worldwide, back pain is the single leading cause of disability, preventing many people […]

3 Rules of Stretching…

Most of you have never really stretched before. Sure you have mobilized some. Pulling your leg behind you until you feel a strain in your quads, or kicking your leg up on a bench and leaning into it before a run or warmup for your workout. I know this because I used to do that. […]

The CPMFITness Back to Normal Plan

Allow me to clarify the difference between last week’s post, re-Entry Plan (is your Mental, Emotional and Personal Plan) and this post the Back to Normal Plan… (is the Actual Logistical Plan 🙂 COVID-19 became the surprise game-changer in 2020 that nobody welcomed or expected. If you know anything about CPMFITness we don’t shy away from […]

The Art of the Comeback — Re-Entry Plan out of COVID-19

When you re-enter out of your quarantine, life will be different. Are you different? (For more info see this previous POST) Because everything around you has changed; your job, your daily routine, your family, the rules of engagement with other human beings. How do you feel about your re-entry back into society? Super pumped! Everyday […]