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CPM Post Workout Rules to Live By …

Now your workout is done you are feeling great, but many of us miss some key points in avoiding injury, fueling our body, and taking the proper steps to keep our body healthy and feeling great today and for many years to come. Here are four key components that most people forget or ignore in […]

Creating Healthy Habits CPM’ers …

I have read many of your success stories from all of you over the course of CPMFITness history. Most of you had included that over the years you have had some sort of negative association with food and exercise. Whether it be working out obsessively, eating for the wrong reasons, or mentally beating yourself down […]

These Nighttime Routines Will Give You the Best Sleep Ever!

How you feel during the day hinges greatly on how well you sleep at night. The cure for sleep difficulties can often be found in your daily routine. Your sleep schedule, bedtime habits, and day-to-day lifestyle choices can make an enormous difference to the quality of your nightly rest. The following tips will help you […]

The Best Foods To Eat During Covid -19

I have talked to you in the past few weeks about the importance of nutrition during these uncertain times. There is a lot right now we can’t control, but one thing that we do have full control over is what we put in our mouth. We talked about the Importance of Nutrition during tough times, […]

The Power of Vitamin D …

I know for me once the sun has come out like it did on Sunday and Monday, my mood just automatically gets better! I feel happier, less stressed, anxious, and fatigued. It is very important during this time of Isolation and a lot more “home time”. Having the ability to breathe in fresh air, soak […]

Working Out … Out of Your Box

I know most of us are very comfortable in our daily routine. CPM on Mondays Running Tuesdays CPM Wednesdays…. and so on and so fourth. We can go months, years, decades without changing a thing and sticking with our same old routine. We have now all had to change it up, do something out of […]

The Benefits of Eggs After Easter

Easter was Sunday, and typical tradition is to hunt for eggs, color them, or place them in baskets for decorative purposes…. But do you know how great eggs can be for you for the other 364 days of the year? Chris eats about 35 eggs per week …. Yes you read this correctly 35! Eggs […]

Foods that have natural digestive enzymes

With Stress, anxiety, and fears come bad digestion and stomach aches. Well instead of downing TUMS like water try these helpful natural digestive enzyme foods. These foods will help reduce bloated, keep you regular, better nutrition absorption, clear skin, less fatigue inflammation and pain, and helps to combat stress and anxiety! Raw vegetables are rich […]

The Top “No Heat” Meals to Make You Say Yum!

Chris and I pack our lunches everyday. We are at work for at least 8 hours a day and need to find meals that don’t need to be reheated. I know this is an area of concern for a lot of our clients and my followers as well. We also are looking for healthy recipes […]