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CPM Approved “Back to School Snacks” …

It’s hard to believe, but school is in session virtually everywhere. It’s easy to get excited, but this time of year can be an adjustment period for both kids and parents. Not only classes, but just going from a ‘summer lifestyle’ to a ‘back-to-school mode,’ can present it’s challenges. One could be making sure your […]

Why Do We Handstand ….

At CPMFITness you will see the word “Handstand” written on the “O” board often … But Why? Yes they are challenging, fun, and scary all at the same time but how do they help us with our sport of fitness? Handstands help us achieve a better sense of balance and awareness. What we really achieve […]

Get Your Best Run Yet CPM …

Many of you are participating in some sort of race (i.e 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon, spartan etc ..) Mobility and stretching is the key to keeping you feeling great doing what you love … What if you could run more efficiently, be pain free, and actual feel better in your sport? Wouldn’t you want to […]

How to Improve Your Mile Run Time ….

We test the mile from time to time (pun intended) at CPM .. why? I have a client looking to run a 5 5:30 mile, so he was asking me what I think he should do to help him increase his time … So here are my tips and tricks to make your mile run […]

Yeah Burpees …

A study that I came across in the NY Times, asked a dozen physiologists … what is the single best exercise for your body? Low and Behold it was everyone’s favorite exercise…. The BURPEE!! So rest assured when you do these wonderful exercise movements you are really doing a body good! Here is the link to the […]

Is Nutrition Really That Important?

I don’t believe that most people really understand the importance nutrition has to our overall health. Eating food is an activity most of us do at least three times a day. Logically, what we choose to put in our mouths can have an impact on our overall health. There is a famous saying “we are what […]

CPM – Annie’s Nutrition 101

I had made dinner for some family friends on Tuesday evening and as we were sitting at the table eating, my friend was inquiring how I began to enjoy cooking and how can I eat so healthy all the time? My first response was that cooking has become my sanctuary and my creative outlet! There […]

Fit Chic 4th of July Favorites …

With the 4th of July Weekend coming up I thought it would be nice for you to have some fun, festive, fit chic recipes to choose from. So I am starting off with the first and my favorite part the appetizers and sides. These will have everyone talking and feeling great. Festive 4th of July […]