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Is Real Fitness like Raising Real Kids?

This new parent world is pretty incredible. (I know you parents told me so) The whole process has been a game-changer and fundamental shift in my identity When change in life comes your way there are opportunities available to take advantage of. Being in the hospital and watching how doctors 👨‍⚕️and nurses 👩🏼‍⚕️have helped heal […]


CPM – Adult Recess Manifesto

“We need to think like a kid more and act like an adult a little less:-)” When a prospect is interested in CPMFITness. They want to know what makes us unique or different from other gyms around town. So I hit on all the obvious features and benefits: Great Coaches who care and are congruent […]

How to Build (FITness) Emotional Momentum

What do you need more of in your life to get FITTER? More discipline? More will-power? Consistency? Joy? Persistence? How would you like to make everything in your life easier? You can do this with the power of momentum! When things are not forced and you are compelled to eat better, #get2thegym more, wake up […]

“Thinking Outside the Fridge”

Knowledge 🧠 isn’t power💡unless its applied. Well healthy food doesn’t do anything unless it’s eaten:-) Why we win with Food? Annie already gave us a tour of our fridge so I thought I could give you the mentality we share on a winning formula for our nutrition🥦🥑🥥 Tupperware  You know your eating healthy 🥗when your […]

Reverse Habits…

I’ve heard we overestimate what we can do in the short run and underestimate what we can do in the long run. Boy can I attest to that personally as I am a recovering procrastination-aholic. Sometimes I’m a head case. My mind moves really fast. I’m pumped about almost everything and it’s a challenge for […]


TnT’s about Dining Out…

Lets talk at the human level about Food…. 1. Food is fuel. Calories are units of energy. We fuel our bodies like a car with gas. When the low fuel light goes on we simply find the nearest (or cheapest) gas station and fill up our tanks. It really could be as simple as that […]

Change Your Words (5/5) = “Discipline”

For me personally, I am a huge believer in discipline growing up and now in my adult life. But after reading this post it was the actual love for ‘IT’ that was driving me, not discipline. I’m excited to watch what happens now that I will look at love vs. discipline in the future. The […]

Change Your Words (4/5) = “I Need Easy”

I get these kinds of text messages all the time, “I need to figure out what to cook… I need ‘easy’ recipes.“ Right after I read that kind of text, the first thing that pops in my head is, “Simple is the New ‘Easy‘” My Perspective… The opposite of Easy is HARD! When something is HARD it […]

Change Your Words (3/5) = “I Don’t Have Time”

Each week, we are all entrusted with an irreplaceable fund of hours…168, to be exact. How you spend these hours is entirely up to you. You can putter around, watching hours and hours of Law & Order reruns. Or you can set about to change your community, or maybe even the entire world. It just […]