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Food and Mood: Part 1

I love food. It’s delicious, fun to make, colorful, inspiring and so much more. It can bring people together, makes a party better and it can make me feel a little better without even meaning to. Last week I had a member trigger the topic of how nutrition can affect our mental well being so […]

Stress Eating?

This topic has come up in a few separate conversations this past week so thought I would do some research and start the dialog. Being stuck at home during this pandemic may have lead to some unhealthy behaviors, including overeating due to stress and boredom. Whether we are back to work or still at home, […]

Partner Up!

It must be in the air but lately I have felt that many of us are chasing something…a new goal, more structure, clarity, that summer body, etc. The problem is we have the carrot but lack the accountability. What if there was a way to double your chances for fitness and life success, would you […]

Summer Strategy

Summer is in full swing and as many of the restrictions are being lifted we are all dashing to get out of the house whether its to our favorite restaurant or meeting up with friends for some cocktails on the patio. I have found myself doing my fair share of socialization lately.😁 So what are […]


At the beginning of the year Chris asked each of us coaches to read ONE WORD THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, and Jon Gordon.  They promise it will take you forty minutes to read their book.  Or less!  It was a speedy read. I followed their simple instructions.  Prepare your […]

Today is the Day

We have all said it. We have all done it. We are all guilty of it. That excuse of thinking we can hold off on doing something. I’ll do it later, I’ll do it tomorrow and the dreaded I’ll do it someday. But when is someday? There are 7-days in a week. SOMEDAY is not […]

Stop Comparing

Let’s be honest. We all do it. We compare our lives, our career, our bodies, our families, our kids, our houses, etc.  And even though we hate how the comparison game makes us feel, we do it anyways. Comparison is a liar who says our best won’t ever be good enough. It’s a game our […]

Just Slow Down

I was not sure what I wanted to write about this week. I don’t always read everything in the church newsletter but I am glad I did this week as it delivered a great message. This pandemic has forced us all to slow down, restrict our movements and turn our attention inwards. This is a […]

Belief Leads to Greatness

Everybody has something that makes him or her extraordinary. A set of skills, gifts and/or talents that only we posses and are able to share with the world. Our very own super “powers”! Sure we all have flaws. Flaws are what make each and every one of us unique. Flaws are not constructed to be […]