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Tabata This, Tabata That

Twenty seconds all out, 10-sec rest. Repeat for a total of 8-rounds. No problem right? I mean we can do anything for 20-seconds. Welcome to Tuesday’s workouts this month. I hope you are enjoying them so far! Tabata training is one of the most popular forms of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It originated in Japan […]


Love💔Hate Relationship

When I first started training at CPM, I despised rowing. It didn’t make sense to me and I was (maybe still am) horribly inefficient at it. Plus I couldn’t wrap my mind around how a rower was chosen over the run-on-the-mill cardio machines. I mean walk into any global gym and you will see about […]

Guilt-Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Actually I love any excuse for family time. It fills my cup!! But for many people, the holiday comes with food-related anxiety, guilt and that uncomfortable, tryptophan coma that can last for hours, sometimes days. Here are some tips to enjoy the holiday this year instead of wasting […]


Lately I have been lacking motivation to workout. Yes I could blame my bad wheel (hip) but I don’t think that is it. My job as a coach is to lead, instruct and motivate people daily. “Loving” to workout is my genes, right? Wrong. I workout because I know the human body was made to […]

Winter Blues

Let me start with a confession: I really, really hate winter. ❄️❄️❄️ I hate the way the frigid cold makes your bones hurt. I hate the darkness and how the end of my workday bleeds so quickly into sunset. I hate the brutal wind that will numb and freeze your face. I hate the icy […]

Progress Creates Happiness

One of the keys to maintaining happiness is progress. I have noticed that when I stop growing, I start to feel stagnant. I am just not as satisfied and happy. There are many things that can contribute to ones happiness. For me sometimes happiness comes from a home improvement project or organizing the cupboards and […]

Don’t Let Treats Trick You

For some, Halloween is seen as the beginning of the end. The presence of candy in overflowing plastic pumpkins can be too much to resist. Bite by bite, we feel our reserve and commitment to a years worth of healthy habits dissolving with each discarded candy wrapper. For me it’s the candy corn. I have […]

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Age is Not a Barrier

I would love to introduce you to my client Tim Royse. He is 80-years young and believe me when I say, he is a true inspiration!❤️ Tim’s journey with fitness started at a very young age. He played football, basketball and ran track. He was one of the smallest kids on the playing field weighing […]


My apologizes to those who are not quite ready but this weather ❄️(not the sunny skies you see in the picture) is making me jump ahead to the seasons of giving, which has lead me to reflection and gratitude. How many of us wake-up each morning and immediately think or write down what we are […]