Everybody has something that makes him or her extraordinary. A set of skills, gifts and/or talents that only we posses and are able to share with the world. Our very own super “powers”!

Sure we all have flaws. Flaws are what make each and every one of us unique. Flaws are not constructed to be negative or looked down upon. Maybe someone is a workaholic…or obsessed with having things clean…or eats more sweets then the average person. Who cares? Life is about being happy and finding joy in whatever attracts you. We are all human, not flawless.

One of my superpowers is bringing out the best in someone so they can someday see it for themselves. That’s right, every single one of us – has a greatness within us, yet I think most of us have tried to adjust ourselves, our style, fit into the culture, be somebody that we are not which basically flattens out the greatness.

Greatness is our talents, passions, and qualities that when you leverage them, it elevates our true potential. For some of us it may take a midlife crisis to realize that we are allowed to be ourselves, and that there is value in that, and that’s ok. Finding greatness can take time but…

It starts by believing in YOU!!!

  • Believe its possible. Believe that you can do it regardless of what anyone says and make it happen. This is the first step to living life on your terms.
  • Look for opportunities to get stronger. Learn the lessons and grow from the struggles. The strength of our gifts and talents are developed like muscles. The more resistance, the more exposure, the better the results.
  • Overcome your fear. It’s not about being fearless. It’s about what we do with fear when it shows its face.
  • Ask the right questions that move you forward rather then pulling you back.
    • What gifts or talents do I have right now that can help in this?
    • How can I have fun doing this?
    • What is it that I need to learn from this?
    • Where is the gift or blessing in all of this?

But the greatest asset of a super hero is their willingness to do what is necessary. They fight for what they believe in and NEVER give up.

So whatever this day, month or week has in store for you, OWN your greatness. The best is yet to come but first you need to show up for yourself.



For Time:

a. 2-rounds
400m run
20 burpees

b. 2 rounds
600m run
30 air squats

c. 1 round
800m run
20 burpees

d. 1 round
1000m run
30 air squats