CPM Stays Covid-Friendly

CPM member performing snatch

With the Olympic weightlifting event that CPMFitness is hosting on Nov. 14th coming up, I want to assure all those who are coming or on the fence about coming that we will be keeping COVID in mind when scheduling out the CPM Burgener Total.

We understand the concern for this pandemic and we want you to feel assured that we’ll observe all safety measures at this event.

We’ll complete the Burgener Total in this order:

  • Snatch
  • Clean & Jerk
  • Front squat

The Setup

You will be given 20 minutes to find a one rep max for each lift.  Since the lifts take place in the order above, we will work in heats. This will help us to maintain proper social distancing and keep the even running smoothly.

  • When you walk in (on the south side by the movie theater) there will be a table for check-ins.
  • The hallway by the entry will be used for warm-ups so we can keep the heats moving in a consistent manner.
  • Heat one will enter the gym to perform their max for the snatch. They will get 20 minutes to complete before moving onto the clean & jerk.
  • After the 20 minutes is complete for the clean & jerk, they will then move onto the max for front squat with another 20 minute cap.
  • While heat one is starting at front squats, heat 2 will come in and start the snatch and follow in the same suit as heat one.

 Participant Limits/Caps

We will keep six participants to a heat so that no more than 12 athletes will be competing at the same time (just like our group classes). We have social distance stickers laid out on the floor to keep your spots in the lift! If needed, we will add more heats so all who want to come can! (We’ll still cap the total number of participants at 30.)

The coaches want to reaffirm their commitment to you that:

  1. Equipment will be clean and sanitized after use.
  2. We have wash and sanitize stations in the gym that will be highly recommended for athletes before/after.
  3. We’ll set up stations on the social distance floor decals.
  4. There will be no sharing of equipment unless sprayed down after use.
  5. If in doubt, please stay home (cough, sore throat, fever, potential exposure).

We are beyond excited for this first-ever Olympic weightlifting event to be held at CPMFitness. But, remember your safety is our top priority here!

Please mark your calendars for Saturday, November 14th!RSVP Here For the CPM Burgener Total