Eight-Week Deadlift and Pull-up Training Camp Begins May 1

Deadlift + Pull-up training camp at CPM

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or new to CPMFitness, this spring you have the opportunity to improve two of the most fundamental movements we do in class — the deadlift and the pull-up.

During our eight-week deadlift and pull-up training camp, you can expect to improve your form, strength, and ability in these exercises. We’re sure that those who sign up in our Sioux Falls training program will gain confidence and have fun.

Training Camp Begins May 1 in Sioux Falls

The deadlift and pull-up training camp kicks off on Saturday, May 1 at CPMFitness in the Western Mall, and will continue for the following eight weeks on Saturday mornings.

Led by our professional fitness coach and personal trainer Chelsey Dockter, aka Dr.Fit, this training camp is open to all CPM members who would like to improve their deadlift and pull-up with a like-minded community of fellow gym members.

Should I Join?

You may be wondering if this training camp is a good fit for you. Perhaps these aren’t your favorite movements, or maybe you are already really good at them!

We invite any current CPM members to join, regardless of your experience.

“Absolutely anyone should join,” Chelsey says. “This will be a great class for everyone!”

How Do I Sign Up?

We’re excited to have you! You have three options for signing up for the training camp:

  1. Talk to your coach personally
  2. Put your name on the board at the gym
  3. Click here to send us an email

What Else Should I Expect?

Each week, Chelsey will work with you to gain strength in your deadlift and focus on strict pull-up work.

“This is really focused on strength,” Chelsey says. “The goal with the pull-ups is for you to either hit your very first strict pull-up or be able to increase your total pull-up reps.”

The class times will also include accessory work that will benefit both your deadlift and pull-ups, but also flow into the Olympic lifts that you during weekly classes. After the Saturday morning time, you will receive homework to complete along with open-gym access times during the week for completing the homework.

The cost for the training camp is $165 and the program will be capped at 15 people.

We’d love for you to join us! We’re confident you’ll improve and have a great time doing it!

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