Is Intensity Killing Your Progress?

How many of us have started something with motivation and excitement, only to fizzle within a few weeks or months?

I think we all have.

Here is the typical pattern:

  1. Intense motivation, energy and excitement to get started
  2. Intense activity
  3. Injury, fatigue, or burn-out
  4. Stop the activity all together

This pattern happens with diets, exercise routines, plans to save money, and many other areas in our lives. It’s the enthusiasm that gets us started that becomes our worst enemy. Don’t get me wrong, there are times in our lives where intensity is needed, but it’s false to think that we can maintain this intensity forever. Eventually the motivation wears off.

“Intensity makes a good story; Consistency makes for good progress” — James Clear

Here are 3 Simple Action Items to Build Consistency

What are some simple ways to build on consistency, whether you are a seasoned athlete or just getting started with your health and wellness journey?

1. Find the lead domino

The lead domino is the habit, action, and behavior that, once complete, makes all the other things you need to do easier or nonexistent. Find something that you are an 8-10 out of 10 committed to follow through on. This sets things in motion and builds momentum. Here are few examples.

  • Keep the kitchen tidy or organize the pantry/fridge. Make sure the first things you see in the fridge, pantry or on the counter are the healthy options you want to go for to help you achieve your goals. For those who have kids or others family members with different palate preferences, make those not so health options a little harder to get to
  • Do 30 minutes of movement each day. This could be a workout, a walk, a bike ride, yoga, etc. The goal here is to move with intention and purpose. This can lead to more time outdoors which can help improve mood and decrease stress and anxiety.
  • Keep a food journal. Recording can bring awareness to what is going in our mouth, which can make food decisions so much better. Those decisions keep the dominos falling forward.

2. Give yourself an external consequence.

You need reinforcement. Share your goals with as many people that you are comfortable with!

3. Find an accountability buddy.

I have touched on this in the past, but there is so much power in finding someone that can help hold you accountable, whether that’s a friend, family member, or coach. Find your person!

Consistency is Key to Success

Remember that short-term intensity does not equal long-term results. If we get injured, if we burn out, or if we stop, all the progress up to that point does not matter. It’s consistency that will help you achieve long-term results!

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