Meal Prepping Tips From #drFIT

One of the main reasons we fail to eat healthy is our lack of preparedness.

I too struggled with this when I was trying to “clean” up my act! I would really hit it hard, then taper off and eventually run to the gas station to grab some beef jerky, hard boiled eggs, and a bag of almonds. I thought this would help satiate me until my next meal.

Little did I know (well I knew a lot) that this only set me up for failure. I would head to the office and snack on “unhealthy” options throughout my day, never finding that fullness I needed, but always feeling like sludge.

It’s amazing really. We live in a society where people believe that only counting calories is crucial, and I actually found myself not only eating enough calories based on the activity I was doing on a daily basis, but not getting the macronutrients that I needed to sustain me. I knew in order to hit my goals, I needed to be prepared.

That is why I started meal prepping!

Pick Your Meals For the Week

While some days I think social media and technology can be the death of society, it can also be used as a useful tool. I head to Pinterest and I search for meals to my specific diet needs.

Since starting #75hard, I decided to head the paleo direction. Now that I am learning more about this lifestyle, I can find easy ways to tweak a recipe!

I personally like to have a bit of variety for my lunch menu for the week. I will pick out three recipes to have throughout the week, and choose the one I want based on what I am feeling that day.

I have no problem eating the same thing for breakfast every morning! So, I choose one breakfast recipe and use that throughout the week as well. One of my favorite recipes I found was a two ingredient pancake. It consisted of a sweet potato, egg, and some spices. Pair it with fruit and real maple syrup for an amazing breakfast.

prepped meals

Pro tip: Another easy way to prepare your lunch for the next day is to make extra at supper!

Lazy Man Meal Prep  — Try a Subscription

I have, on numerous occasions, opted for the lazy man meal prep.

Sometimes it’s exhausting to find recipes — not to mention actually having to head to the store to get the ingredients to make those recipes! meal subscription

I have turned to Green Chef, which has paleo recipes, that I get to pick three of each week. It may cost you some extra money, but It is conveniently delivered to my doorstep every Thursday — perfectly portioned out — for me to prepare on Saturdays! My favorite thing about subscription boxes is that I don’t have any extra ingredients to never be used again.

Now that my lunches are planned out easily, I can pick an easy breakfast menu as well as snacks! My snacks are as easy as they come as well! A little dairy free cream cheese dip with carrots and some fruit! Or on an extra lazy day a protein bar, beware of labels on these!

Join the #800g Challenge

With the #800g Challenge beginning in September 2020, contemplate meal prepping! How much easier would it be to weigh out your fruits and veggies that you plan on eating during the week? My favorite (lazy) go to snack is banana with almond butter, sprinkled with some chia seeds for an extra fiber boost.

If you ever struggle with meal prep ideas, come to one of us coaches at CPMFitness. We all have a unique flair on how we meal prep.

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