Meet Kayla Tischler, CPM’s New Coach For Life

Kayla Tischler, personal trainer at CPM in Sioux Falls

Kayla Tischler certainly isn’t a new face to CPMFitness, but her role as a full-time Coach for Life is new!

She began like many of our Sioux Falls members, joining CPMfitness in 2014 as a “corporate athlete” while she worked at DocuTap. Fast-forward several years, and she is now full-time here in our gym.

Let’s get to know more about Kayla!

Get to Know Kayla

“I was instantly hooked to functional fitness and the CPMFitness community,” says Kayla, a wife and mom of three. “Chris and Annie talked me into going through the Coaches Development Academy (CDA) a few years back. I started coaching classes and have since transitioned to CPM as a full time Coach for Life.”

Kayla says that she loves to share her passion for fitness with everyone, helping her clients see their full potential through personal training.

What’s your favorite part about coaching?

“The members and my CPM Coach family,” Kayla says. “The CPM community is so supportive and encouraging of each other. I love watching the members grow into strong bad asses.”

What is the biggest benefit you get from CPM outside of the gym?

Kayla says that increased endurance and strength has really stepped up her “mama game” with kiddos.

“I don’t mind chasing around the kiddos or tackling new adventures with them!

What is one unexpected thing about the gym that you really enjoy?

“Rowing!” Kayla says.

“I had never been introduced to the rower prior to CPM. I now enjoy rowing and even purchased a rower for our home.”

How would you describe your coaching style?

“I am technical and very enthusiastic with encouraging words,” Kayla says. “I have X-ray vision, meaning that I see people’s true potential. I push them because I know they have more potential.”

What is your favorite thing you do with your fitness outside of the gym?

Kayla says she and her husband Adam enjoy hiking, biking, running and the ability to stay very active with the kiddos.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting at CPM?

“Do it! Give it a try,” Kayla says.

Functional fitness is the best fitness. It is taking very basic movements that you apply in your everyday life, like picking something up off the ground, lifting something over your head, or hinging.”

What advice would you give to a new member?

“Don’t give in to stereotypes about the gym,” she says. “This gym is not a CrossFit gym. This gym provides functional fitness and anyone can do it. You will learn to work the barbell with good form and learn to enjoy rowing and burpees.”

Welcome to the Team, Kayla!

Our personal coaches are experienced, fun, and all-around awesome. We’re excited to have Kayla join the team!

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