The CPMFITness Story: Part One

One of the BIGGEST questions I seem to get continually is “What does CPM stand for?”

Yeah, yeah . . . it stands for Christopher Paul Mello. But really, it stands for:

  • Courage
  • Potential
  • Motivation

Really, it’s much more. CPM embodies everything that Annie and I have learned and given in our evolution over the last 19 years (we met in 2001)! It’s been a wild ride, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything or anyone.

We have a pretty fun and unique history of how Annie and I met, and more specifically, the backstory of how CPM started and what has led us to where we are today.

The Background of CPM

CPM was really born when Annie and I met in 2001. Guess where we met??

The gym! Ha!

I had just started as a personal trainer in Fullerton, California across the street from Cal State Fullerton, the college where we graduated from, in 2004. She was actually one of the first clients I started with.

I was born and raised in sunny southern California and stayed home for college. Growing up, I was obsessed with basketball. My basketball passion transitioned into a fitness passion right around the time I began as a trainer and met Annie.

Annie was born in Sioux Falls, but raised in Los Angeles since she was three years old. She was an LA girl with midwest roots. She was into anything and everything growing up: sports (tennis, basketball, etc.), and singing and acting. As I did, she had a big passion for working out and fitness.

At the start of our personal training careers, we were into all types of fitness including weightlifting, yoga, cycle, boot camps, running, plyometrics, bosu Balls, P90x, Taibo . . . you name it, we did it!

We got married in 2007, and within a year, realized that the warm sun and cozy familiarity of California was not the place where we were supposed to be for our lives. Little did I know, we were headed to Sioux Falls, South Dakota!

Below is the audio version from a podcast we published back in April of 2017 that will tell you more.

The Story Continues

Over the next few weeks, we’ll continue the story of how we started this gym in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Stay tuned for:

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