The Rowing Challenge Is Back for 2020

Rowing Challenge at CPM

It’s everyone’s favorite holiday-season challenge at CPM — the annual Rowing Challenge!

The challenge begins Thursday, November 26. Here’s what you need to know.

Rowing For a Cause

While you burn some extra calories this holiday season, you can also support charity. Here’s how:

  • Commit to rowing 50k (kids and beginners), 100k, or 200k meters between November 22nd and December 24th.
  • Log your meters in the Concept2 logbook (CPM is registered with Concept2 and you’ll be able to set us as your gym during the account creation process).
  • Concept2 donates $0.02 per 1,000 meters rowed to charity; beyond 100k meters, they’ll donate $.04 per kilometer. 

Like in years past, CPM recommends a $30 challenge buy-in (more is better!) We donate a portion of these proceeds to Feeding South Dakota. In 2019, we donated $1,000. Can we beat that in 2020?

Join the CPM Rowing Team

After you sign up and pay your buy-in donation to be in the challenge, you’re in! We recommend that you set a baseline 2,000 meter time in the first week of the challenge.

The next month is up to you to row your committed distance. You can do this however you want — break it up daily, every other day, or be a weekend warrior!

We’ll program workouts to include a lot more rowing during this challenge to help you get those extra meters. If you don’t have access to a rower at home, you can come into the gym to row during any class time (on non-rowing days).

At the end of the challenge, re-test your 2,000 meter time and see the improvement!

An Added Challenge for 2020 — Project Zero

In true CPM fashion, we’re leveling up!

Did you know that the average American gains one pound on Thanksgiving Day and never loses it again?

That’s why, in addition to the Rowing Challenge, we’re incorporating an additional challenge called Project Zero. The goal is simple — don’t gain any weight during the holidays. 

If you opt-in to Project Zero, you’ll weigh in on November 26 (the first day of the Rowing Challenge) and then again on December 24. Throughout the challenge, we’ll incorporate the rowing, hydration goals, and accountability through . . . the new CPMFitness app!

A New CPM App? Tell Me More!

We’re so excited to introduce this personalized app to our members. On the app, you’ll find:

  • Pre- and post- challenge weigh-ins
  • Daily habit reminders such as hydration goals, optional weekly weigh-ins, and stretching before your rowing workout
  • Programmed workouts to stay on track and improve your rowing
  • Stretching routines

You’ll receive an app invitation from your CPM coach once you’ve signed up for the Rowing Challenge. Note: you’ll still need to use the Concept2 app to log your rowing meters.

Sign Up for the 2020 Rowing Challenge at CPMFitness

Sioux Falls, get your rowers ready! To sign up for this year’s challenge, either write your name on the board at the gym or contact your coach.