A while back we tested our shoulder extension HERE. Today’s lets talk about our feet.

Stand up and walk your feet together. Now lower yourself all the down into the bottom of a squat i.e. seated/resting position.

Can your feet stay flat on the ground?
Can you sit all the way down and stay there?

If not, ‘technically’ you don’t have full ankle/foot function. #dang

I know, I know, this can not be as easy as it sounds, but like we mentioned about our shoulders we live in a modern world. And in this modern world our feet don’t get a lot of love.

But strengthening up those feet can help you prevent injury, improve balance, and refine your form, in your fitness ventures and in everyday life. Taking care of your feet is fast and feels amazing! If it’s been too long since you’ve shown those babies some love, or if you want to mix it up, start with these stretching and strengthening exercises for total foot rejuvenation.

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The O-Board Says…

A. “Annie” (10 min cap)

B. 3rds for MAX reps
1 min each station
Sumo Deadlift High-Pull
Box Jump
Row (Cals)
*Rest a min after each round*